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    You’ve seen them. You’re searching for a service or product and you go about your day, then all of a sudden, while you’re looking on your phone or PC at your favorite news or social media website, there’s a magic ad for the product or service you were looking at earlier. This form of branding and consistent push marketing is called retargeting and it is a component of paid search advertising.

    This new methodology is becoming more prevalent and will only grow. Small and medium companies can use this system as a part of their overall online marketing strategy when set up properly. Best practices include determining the right ad network to showcase your product or service ads, designing the ads in a variety of shapes and sizes for all different devices, and then having a strong and bold call to action when the viewer does click through to your offering.

    This type of marketing requires a specialist, not a general “web guy” or “marketing guy” who “handles all my computer stuff.” These are common, brush-off objections that our sales team gets every day. If you want to take advantage of these new frontier marketing opportunities and reap the associated advantages, we invite you to get started with a free consultation today!

    Retargeting and other paid search options are a part of OMG National’s Partner Plus and Partner Premier Online Marketing Packages!

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