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    Capture the Mobile Audience! The Bluetooth Beacon allows your business to put information about specific products or services at any mobile visitors’ fingertips. The beacon also allows for your business to display in-store tips with relevant information such as: coupons, wifi access, and contact information to be displayed directly on your customers’ smartphones.

    Engage high-intent store visitors like never before. Reach your customers’ mobile phones while they’re in your physical location with highly relevant and useful information. Show a welcome message, encourage them to download your custom app, or offer a mobile wallet coupon they can save to their Passbook and redeem when they enter your location!

    These small Bluetooth transmitters work with consumers’ phones that are within a specific radius. They are easy to install — simply peel a sticker off the back and place it on a wall, counter, or table. For more information on how you can use the OMG XONE to increase your market share, simply reach out today!