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Email Marketing Has Come A Long Way!

In the early days, marketers found success with spam, and though it was intrusive, it became an effective client acquisition tool. With the advent of spam filters and the negative stigma around blasting practices, email management platforms like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, HubSpot, and others have enabled businesses to manage their lists, design and customize pieces, and track results.

OMG National has partnered with Act-On!

one of the leading behavior-based Email Automation companies.


Deliverability you can count on!

With Act-On, campaigns are setup, designed, and modified to distribute emails based on the recipient’s behavior. When a client opens an email and clicks on a specific link, the follow-up email that goes out can be different than the one to someone who only glanced at the email and quickly deleted. Using behavioral considerations when determining how to best follow-up, and then using the data to help drive your sales team, can be applied to just about any business, product, or service.

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Act-On will scrub your email list for spam traps, role-based addresses, duplicate email, monitoring seeds, non-deliverable domains, invalid TLDs, known threats, and managed anti-spam network domains. Then, we will provide a full report with a consultant to review results.


Act-On will actively verify email addresses to determine if an account is valid and deliverable at the moment it is queried. We will provide a file with your results, including identification of unverifiable email addresses for you to remove from your mailing list.


Make sure your emails arrive in the inbox and your sender reputation stays pristine with Act-On’s expert email deliverability services. From a one-time consultation to ongoing management, we can provide the services you need to drive consistent, reliable email deliverability rates.

For more information on how you can use OMG’s email marketing services to increase your market share, simply reach out today!