OMG’s Google Local Services Ads & GMB Combined for Performance

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Real Estate is red-hot and so is the competition among Realtors. Here’s how one OMG client is standing apart, making sure she gets her piece of the action.

Given today’s competitive & ever-changing landscape, helping our clients select the right blend of advertising products is a primary concern. Meet Rhonda, a real estate professional located in Washington County, Pennsylvania. Rhonda’s group accepted OMG’s recommendation for a blended ad solution working on parallel tracks, both organically and with paid search marketing, to increase business. Her long-term vision for the company meant that consistency in terms of her costs and her results, would enable her to better plan the rest of her year. A primary goal was also to use a multi-product approach from OMG to drive down her affective cost per client acquisition, employing a blended approach to her ads and marketing. 

Understanding that front page placement today means at least some paid-lead acquisition strategy, Rhonda was open to OMG’s suggestion for the powerful Google Calls Advisor solution. This package combines two of the most prominent layers in Google search: Google My Business & Local Services Ads.

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Google My Business (GMB) is a foundational platform. Our work around GMB boils down to consistently feeding the listing with the structured organic content which it needs to thrive. GMB is of acute strategic importance because the transactions (calls, messages, & bookings) yielded from the platform are not monetized on a per-transaction basis. Building a consistent foundation to yield free customer engagement is core to our no-nonsense approach and looks after our clients’ long-term return. Our focus is centered around driving a measurable increase in customer actions (website visits, direction requests, and more) as well as transactions which will strengthen our client’s business & yield a positive return on investment for years to come.

Our client’s success on the program has created a trusting relationship and enabled Rhonda to continue growing the campaign. She recently added another team to her program, adding more agents to the program and growing her brokerage with her support and that of the OMG Team. 

Results: Our work within GMB has yielded our client a 250% increase in total actions in the last 90 days when compared against the previous 90 days. Inbound phone calls increased by 900%. This means that the OMG approach has Rhonda’s brokerage standing out in a big way versus other agencies in her market.

Local Services Ads (LSA) is Google’s preeminent Trust Layer, and offers higher-intent leads than any other ad product. LSA’s are triggered by select local searches and present to consumers, only those listings who have met certain guidelines in the Google Screened program, meaning these results have been vetted and have an implied endorsement from Google. Backed by our powerful methodology, this younger brother to the mature Google Ads Platform rewards responsiveness & reputation and bundles those factors under ad quality. Quality is then balanced against the bid. We apply a powerful proprietary bidding methodology & take great care in setting the bid neither too high nor too low, but just right, balancing as needed at consistent intervals. In addition to keeping the bid well-balanced, we also maintain the badge, and all related digital assets which sustain the badge, ensuring optimum exposure of the ad.

  • Results: Our work within LSA has yielded our client 215 leads in a 7-month period. Our client was able to drive inbound phone calls at an average cost per call (CPL) of only $14.27. These calls have generated at least 10 closings as of this writing. The leads which have generated listings have been the most lucrative, however as her agency acts as a buyer’s agent as well, these calls have yielded a positive ROI as well. Our client continues to grow with us, due in part to our positioning within the LSA layer where they consistently rank in the top 3 at the time of writing, and our work across Google My Business. 
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We are grateful to have earned the trust of our clients and continue to make an impact with our Google Calls Advisor product.

Whether you are a home service professional such as a plumber, electrician or roofer, or are in the professional services, such as law or real estate, you owe it yourself to check out the groundbreaking work that OMG is doing in Google’s new Trust Layer. 

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