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    From the Nike Swoosh, to Apple’s Apple, The Golden Arches, and the cursive Coca-Cola logo, the “brand” has been the single most important unique indicator for any company. Leave a lasting impression and be at the forefront of your customer’s mind the next time they need your product or service.

    OMG National will work with you, learning about your history, your mission, and your target market to create a new logo for your business. We will use that information to help influence the direction for your new logo. We specialize in evolutionary and revolutionary brand design. This means we can bring an old brand into the future, or create a brand new idea from scratch.

    Our clients are provided with several different choices for their new logo and we work with you to hone in on an idea and bringing it all to completion. Once approved, you will receive your new logo in a print-ready, high quality .eps file, ready to print on signage, letterhead, business cards, the internet, anywhere you need your new company branding to stand out and put your best foot forward.

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