New Product: Facebook Leads

OMG National is proud to announce the launch of our new product, Facebook Leads

Our Facebook Leads product is a ground-breaking program that delivers leads to businesses through Facebook and Instagram. After years of testing, OMG has gained deep understanding of how Facebook’s new Lead Ads unit works. Now, we are able to extend our knowledge and experience to your business and deliver fresh leads, EVERY DAY!

The product allows these potential customers to submit their information to you directly through Facebook with a single click, making it as easy as 1,2,3,.  It is an amazing advancement in marketing and gives busy and distracted Facebook and Instagram users a very easy way to say, “yes, please contact me or I am interested”. 

Facebook Lead Ads provide an innovative opportunity for businesses to generate diversified leads while providing measurable results. This product is budget friendly and allows businesses to set daily, weekly, monthly, or lifetime budgets that they’re in control of.  The data is real time and metrics such as performance,  conversions, and engagement are monitored regularly and optimized based on performance. 

Providing businesses an opportunity to aggregate highly viable leads through the 2.32 billion active Facebook and Instagram users is ground-breaking.

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