The All-New MyOMG Product Suite

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Summer is coming and this Summer is one we won’t soon forget. With a huge number of business owners struggling with how to deal with a post Covid-19 environment, small business marketing has evolved out of necessity. Operators have been forced to approach many, if not all of their business activities in a new way. Internet Marketing is certainly no exception. 

Today’s difficult environment has manifested itself in several unique ways, here at OMG. The first thing we noticed is an uptick in interest in our services as a whole. Current clients began getting more involved in understanding where their leads are coming from, studying reports, examining recommendations from our marketing team, and participating in an unprecedented way. We also noticed another trend, and as a company, chose to react to the market.

Over the years, we’ve always had a number of clients say to us, “can’t I just do that myself?” The answer of course is that, “yes” you can, but just because you can, does that mean you should? Where you might be an expert in your field as a psychologist, funeral director, florist, auto tech or whatever your profession, our team trains to provide marketing services every day. Our management team vets or develops the best set of tools, spends hours training on processes, and implementing best practices systems to ensure performance for our clients.

This time though, things are different. Many business owners have been forced to work differently, and now are making the time to handle marketing operations for themselves. 

Enter OMG and the all-new MyOMG product set.

MyOMG gives business owners and operators an easy to use and intuitively designed interface, simple enough for an average Internet user with fast connecting tools that are constantly monitoring the web on their behalf. Businesses benefit from reduced or even eliminated, technology and staffing costs. Like all OMG products, it is powered by the OMG Marketing Center, which also delivers comprehensive performance reporting and gives business access to the entire OMG product suite. It is available on desktop or mobile at any time, through a secure and user-friendly interface.

Jonathan Kramer, OMG’s Director of Client Experience put it this way, “Our client base continues to adapt to this challenging environment. We’ve seen that a growing number of our clients are choosing to empower themselves, taking direct action with their digital marketing. MyOMG gives businesses exactly that. To meet growing demand, we’ve even made a robust set of products within the system, free for 90-days. Our new clients can see the value of the platform before making any financial commitment and we’re helping them capitalize on the extra time they have, working from home or with a limited staff.”


MyOMG’s product line includes elements such as Review Management and Solicitation, Social Media Marketing, and Online Directory Management across more than 400 sites. Single sign on management and reporting are all included for free.

Covid-19 has become something that businesses are going to have to live with and adapt to for the foreseeable future. We suspect that more and more business owners and managers will elect to devote more of their personal time towards their company’s Online presence. Between MyOMG and our traditional line up of fully-managed, powerful marketing products, we are continuing to evolve in the marketplace, positioning ourselves to help our clients navigate in rough seas.

To learn more about MyOMG and our current freemium promotion, or if you’d like to speak to an OMG specialist about your current marketing opportunities, just click here.

For 30-years, OMG has been helping small businesses to do more business, sound more professional, stand out, and stand up to their competition. We are committed to helping our clients weather the storm and invite new clients to join the family.

Stay safe!