More Free & Paid Calls From Google: A Simple Solution with a Heavy Punch – Google Local Services Ads!

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Everything seems more expensive than it was just five years ago, and the online world is filled with noise and confusion. It’s frustrating when potential clients can’t easily find your business on Google because if they can’t find it, how can they hire you?

This scenario is all too common, but we’ve helped many SMBs navigate through it. We earned our reputation by simplifying online visibility and driving more calls to our clients, all while being transparent and clear in our communication.

Over three decades ago, we committed to creating effective solutions for our clients and explaining them in understandable terms.

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What’s The Strategy?

Google is where about 90% of consumers go every day to search for businesses. There are different layers of Google, each serving a specific purpose.

One of our most successful strategies involves combining two of these layers: Google Business Profile (GBP) and Local Services Ads (LSA).

We did this because we understand that relying solely on paid advertising is not sustainable. Clicks and calls tend to become more expensive over time. By combining the ‘Leads On Demand’ of LSA with the ‘Leads Over Time’ of GBP, we create a balanced approach that ensures sustainable growth for our clients.

Combining LSA with GBP solves many challenges. We address time, cost, and risk by strategically leveraging both platforms to increase visibility and generate more phone calls for our clients.

What Do We Call It?

When we combine Google Business Profile (GBP) with Local Services Ads (LSA), we call the blend of free and paid leads: Google Calls Advisor, or GCA for short. But what matters most is the thought and results behind it. With GCA, you’re not just getting a marketing product; you’re getting a marketing strategy designed to last.

Show Me What it Does:

Here are some success stories from a few of our valued clients:

Business Name: Stagecoach Legal Solutions (Law Firm) Time on Product: 8 Months Location: Banning, CA

Challenge: Attorney Marvin wanted a cost-effective strategy to increase calls from Google over time with a modest ad spend. Solution: We deployed Google Calls Advisor (GBP + LSA). Results: Stagecoach Legal Solutions is now ranked #1 in Banning, regularly receiving 379 free GBP leads per month along with 101 LSA leads per month, totaling 480 Google leads per month.

Business Name: Paw Print Plumbing (Plumbing Services) Time on Product: 2 Months Location: Cookeville, TN

Challenge: Plumber Jessica wanted to increase phone calls quickly with a modest ad spend. Solution: We deployed Google Calls Advisor (GBP + LSA). Results: Paw Print Plumbing is now ranking #1 in Cookeville, TN for plumbing services, exceeding their monthly call goal within the second month. They received 26 LSA leads per month and 230 free GBP leads per month.

Business Name: Swift Solutions (Contractor) Time on Product: 2.5 Years Location: Detroit, MI

Challenge: Contractor Stephen wanted a more cost-effective marketing strategy than PPC. Solution: We deployed Google Calls Advisor (GBP + LSA). Results: Swift Solutions ranks extremely well across both GBP and LSA, receiving 16 LSA leads per month and 116 free GBP leads per month, surpassing their monthly call goal consistently.

These examples showcase the diverse ways small businesses across various industries are leveraging our Google Calls Advisor program to achieve their goals. By understanding their target audience, utilizing relevant keywords, and experimenting with different campaign strategies, small businesses can harness the power of Google advertising to reach new customers, grow their brand, and achieve sustainable success.

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