Millions of Ad Dollars Shifting from Pay-Per-Click to Google’s Newest Ads

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Google Local Services Ads (LSA) connect home and professional service providers with customers looking directly for their services. 

Google Local Services Ads place your company at the very top of Google Local Search results and add the badge of trust to your listing. No keywords to worry about, no click fraud, you only pay for calls from potential customers. 

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To ensure that they are building TRUST with users, Google is only advertising qualified and credible businesses. Therefore, eligible businesses that wish to participate in Google Local Services Ads must first qualify. This process includes a background check and verification of proper documentation including insurance and business licenses.

Businesses who pass Google’s vetting process will receive a Google Badge of Trust and earn a status of Google Guaranteed (for home service providers) or Google Screened (for professional service providers. This badge of trust lets prospects searching online know that Google backs your business and you can be TRUSTED. 

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Google Local Services Ads increase exposure, help convey trust, and provide an opportunity for you to set a budget that works for you. Businesses set a weekly budget and are charged on a per lead basis, you will only pay when a customer gets in touch directly from your ad – no more wasting money on clicks! Click here to schedule a call with one of our LSA specialists to get started today!

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Google LSAs offer specific targeting options for services you offer, times that you’d like to advertise, and areas that you service to ensure you’re only showing your ad where and when you want it displayed. What’s even better? We teach you how to handle invalid calls so that you’re only paying for valid leads  – are you ready to start appearing at the top of Google Local Search Results? As a Google Partner, OMG National is qualified to expedite the approval process and drive results. 

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