Maximizing Your Visibility with Google Business Profile’s Latest Features

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Google is constantly refining its platforms to create more value for businesses and users alike. The recent updates to Google Business Profiles are a testament to this commitment. Here’s a rundown of the latest features that are enhancing user experience and supporting business growth.

Celebrating Small Businesses

Google has introduced a new attribute that allows small businesses to highlight their status directly on their Google Business Profile. This feature provides a “small business” label on products in Search and on Maps, making it easier for shoppers to discover and support local and small-scale enterprises. This is a crucial update, considering that a vast majority of people value supporting local businesses​​.

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Detailed Parking Attributes

To streamline the experience for customers planning their visits, Google Business Profiles now includes a comprehensive list of parking attributes. Businesses can specify whether they offer free or paid parking, a parking lot or garage, street parking, or valet services. This detail aids in managing customer expectations and improving their visit planning​​.

Activities Section for Hospitality

Google has also rolled out a new “activities” section for certain types of businesses, such as those in the hospitality sector. This allows hotels and similar establishments to list various activities they offer, along with prices, age suitability, and booking information. It’s a significant enhancement for users looking to plan their stays with all necessary information at their fingertips​​.

Gym Attributes for Fitness Centers

Lastly, fitness centers and gyms can now update their profiles with specific attributes or amenities they offer. This update is part of Google’s effort to provide more detailed information in local listings, helping potential customers to find the right gym that suits their preferences and needs​​.


Google Business Profile’s new features are more than just functional enhancements; they are part of a larger initiative to empower small businesses and provide users with a more comprehensive and satisfying search experience. By continuously updating and improving Google Business Profiles, Google is ensuring that both businesses and users benefit from the most relevant and up-to-date information.

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