Location Drives Mobile Searches

Location Drives Mobile Searches

Written by: Henry Heredia

More than ever, people are living life on the go. We have an infinite amount of information in the palm of our hands; and the maps, apps, and search engines we use to provide us with intelligent answers rely on data gathered from different sources scattered throughout the internet.

Are you certain that the contact information for your business is correct and consistent on the over 60 directory listing sites that Google considers respectable? In today’s mobile connected, locally focused world your brand needs to come up on search results the moment a potential customer is making a purchase decision. If not, you’re more than likely losing out on revenue.

A company website is important, but did you know that there are other sources where search engines pull information from? Mobile consumers make quick decisions based on the information provided through their smartphones, and search engines rely on data gathered from different reputable websites to create a list of the most relevant results. Keeping consistent, up-to-date information on your directory listing profiles can help drive mobile customers directly to your door.

Sites like MerchantCircle, Yelp, and YellowPages are just a few of the most popular directory listing websites, but there may already exist digital real estate for your business that you might not even know about. That’s where the team at OMG National comes in. We’ll identify, create, claim, optimize, and manage over 60 of the most relevant directory listing websites to ensure your presence is consistent throughout the internet for maximum local SEO value.

Once your business is being found and customers are walking through your doors, impeccable service is essential to garner positive reviews. The quality of work, reliability, convenience, friendliness, and trustworthiness are all considered when a customer leaves a review, so ensure your business makes customer service a priority. Consumers now expect to see online reviews and use experiences of other customers to make final purchase decisions.

Directory listing and social networking sites have integrated rating and review applications, and search engines like Bing and Google have also started to incorporate these aspects into their search results. These channels give brands the opportunity to communicate directly with their customers, and engage with them like never before. Positive reviews help, but even a negative review can be turned into an opportunity when you have OMG National at your side.

Mobile consumers are guided by their devices, apps, maps, and intelligent agents. Humans have never had this kind of convenience and information at our fingertips, and understanding how to leverage data about your brand could mean the difference between success and drowning in a digital ocean never to be found. Contact the professionals at OMG National today and discover the advantages of enhanced online directory listings!

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