Local Services Ads: Squeaky Clean Leads for Cleaning Categories!

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The Badge of Trust, acquired via the Local Services Ads Onboarding Process is a big deal for all industries. This is because being badged allows your business to compete against other badged businesses to potentially show up at the very top of Google Search results and in the “Trust Pack.”

Besides the badge and the strong Trust that it communicates to prospects, Local Services Ads also package simplicity, customizability and versatility to its advertisers, particularly Cleaning Categories!

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Cleaning Services Categories continue to make our list of Industries that we can enable performance for fairly quickly via Local Services Ads. These industries tend to shine (pun intended) for several clear-cut reasons:

  1. Between Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, House Cleaning, & (the newer) Pool Cleaning Category, there are at least 4 respective categories dedicated to cleaning within Local Services Ads!
  • This is a big deal because we’re able to add different categories, or Verticals, that your business may qualify for to one Local Services Ads Profile at no additional cost! Adding several categories to one account allows us to maximize value to our clients and diversify our LSA-approach for acquiring new customers! It also allows us to let our bid methodology shine to focus on the types of calls that our clients wish to target.
  • The Carpet Cleaning Vertical offers the following job types: Clean area rugs, Clean drapes & curtains, Clean carpet, Clean upholstery, Remove pet Stains & Odors, & Other.
  • The Window Cleaning Vertical offers the following job types: Window cleaning, Glass & mirror cleaning, Gutter cleaning, Power/pressure washing, Rooftop/skylight cleaning, & Other.
  • The House Cleaning Vertical offers the following job types: Deep clean, Office clean, Standard clean, Moving clean, & Other.

Pictured: A client for whom we were able to truly maximize value for within one LSA Profile at no additional charge. Note that this client has exposure for 3 Verticals from one LSA account. 

Pictured: Clients do not always opt for traditional Vertical pairings (e.g. – House Cleaning + Carpet Cleaning). This client of ours is able to take advantage of the Duct Cleaning job type under the HVAC Vertical in tandem with the Carpet Cleaning Vertical.

  1. The Cleaning Industries being easier to stack into one profile isn’t the only plus that these categories have to offer. We also find that, broadly speaking, the cleaning industries have very reasonable base CPLs (Cost Per Leads) which are often lower than the CPLs of other industries. 
  • This is significant because CPL varies by industry and location on Local Services Ads, and some industries have it better than others. Leads for these industries are, generally speaking, easy on your wallet, allowing us to do more with your advertising spend!
  • Bonus: Our LSA clients within these industries love utilizing the message lead and find better success on average in doing so than with other industries. Message leads allow for leads at a lower cost (50%) of the price of a winning bid for a phone lead. 
  1. Not only do our clients generally find their bills to Google reasonable, but the license and insurance requirements which sometimes block or delay clients who are looking to expand reach for other industries (HVAC, Electrical, and other contracting work) are, broadly speaking, more lax with Cleaning Industries. Insurance in tandem with the Background check is often all that’s separating our new clients in these industries from the badge of trust!

In summary, LSA is a bold and unique value proposition to hundreds of our clients across various industries. However, Cleaning Industries stand out as a clear winner because we’re often able to stack outreach and visibility for multiple categories (for example: House Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning) within one Profile. Moreover, these leads, even within a bidded marketplace are reasonably priced and often not blocked behind strict licensing requirements.

To learn more about becoming Google Guaranteed and Local Services Ads, give us a call today to check your company’s eligibility 800-789-4619.

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