Local Services Ads: Raise the Roof with Roofing Leads!

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As Local Services Ads continue to mature, Roofing companies across the country are realizing the unique value proposition that the LSA Platform offers to small businesses. LSAs allow consumers to quickly and easily connect with the most responsive & reputable companies in any given North American market. 

It all starts with the green Badge of Trust. The Badge symbolizes that a business has undergone successful license, insurance, & background checks in order to be permitted to advertise within LSA which shows at the very top of the search results for select local transactional searches, as pictured below.

Pictured: The Trust pack highlighting the top 3 Ranked LSA companies for this Roofing search in Oakland Park, FL. 

Fun Fact: Rank #1 & Rank #3 are our clients as of 2/8/22.

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A few highlights in particular make the LSA opportunity special and noteworthy even beyond the fact that LSA results boldly appear above traditional Google Ads Results, Google Business Profiles (formerly GMB), and organic search results.

  1. Roofing pairs well with Siding, and sometimes General Contractor work. This means that, provided licensing and insurance requirements are met, we can often add the Siding Vertical to a client’s LSA account at no extra charge to broaden visibility of our clients’ LSA ads. 
  • The Roofing Vertical offers the following job types: Attic venting, Gutter installation, Gutter repair, Roof damage repair, Roof inspection, Roof installation, Roof repair, Skylight installation, Skylight repair, & Other.
  • The Siding Vertical offers the following job types: Remodeling, Repair & Maintenance, Siding Installation, Siding removal, & Other.
  • The General Contracting Vertical offers the following job types: Accessory buildings, Bathroom remodel, Commercial projects, Decks and patio, Exterior finishing, Foundations and concrete, Home addition, Home building, Home remodel and renovation, interior finishing, Kitchen remodel, Roofing, & Other.

Pictured: A very common & popular configuration; Roofing & Siding Verticals paired together on one LSA account.

Pictured: A more intense example in which we were able to greatly diversify our client’s LSA Profile with multiple services that they provide. Note all of the categories on the left. Our client took our advice and allowed us to add the new General Contractor category. Their feedback so far is that they really like the leads they;ve been receiving from LSA.

  1. Google understands the specialty & industry-specific highlights that matter to Roofing contractors and has included some unique highlights available to Roofers. This allows our clients to communicate their unique qualifications to a prospect via the LSA Profile.
  • Specialty highlights are pictured below and include: GAF Master Elite Contractor, GAF Certified Contractor, CertainTeed ShingleMaster, CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster, Owens Corning Platinum Preferred.

Pictured: Us taking advantage of the industry-specific specialized attributes and displaying them on our client’s LSA Profile Page (Just click an LSA ad to get there). You can see other hallmarks of our professionally built out profiles such as utilizing a cover photo, logo photo, specialized attributes when applicable, and all the other bells and whistles. We believe the details matter & make a difference. We don’t miss a single one.

  1. Our robust product methodology drives LSA, allowing us to put our best foot forward for our clients, including Roofing contractors.
  • It all starts with earning & then maintaining the badge of trust for our clients. Our pursuit of perfection has us then seed all the bells and whistles to our clients’ profiles. From that point forward, regularly scheduled maintenance allows for consistent bid adjustment calls depending on your ad quality and unique marketplace. Moreover, we also maximize the exposure of the ad by setting the ad levers correctly & in accordance with best practices. We then guard against Billing & Suspension issues, manually checking each client profile three times a week. 
  1. This last point gets into the weeds a bit, so brace yourself. LSA works on a Vertical to job type taxonomy. The Vertical is the category (i.e. Roofing) & the job types are the services under that category which Google has selected and likely believes to fall under a respective Vertical. A common assumption is that all of the job types in LSA act as keywords and prompt LSA results to appear; this isn’t always the case. Some Verticals have a much more narrow scope of triggering LSA results than others. Fortunately, Roofing appears to have a very healthy percentage of its respective job types which results in Roofers appearing on Desktop & Mobile searches for a very healthy selection of job types.
  • Check out the visual below which helps illustrate this:
Roof inspection
Roof installationExplicitly triggers LSA Results for Roofing.
Roof damage repair
Attic venting
Gutter installation
Gutter repair
Skylight installation (Triggers the Window Repair Vertical, not Roofing)Doesn’t explicitly trigger LSA Results for Roofing but may trigger another LSA Results for another Vertical.
Skylight repair (Triggers the Window Repair Vertical, not Roofing)
Storm/ wind damage roof repair
Other (No known explicit trigger beyond the filter)

Pictured: OMG-sourced “Trigger Term” data from testing which helps to better understand LSA Verticalization. 

In conclusion, our product methodology and attention to detail allow us to make the most from the LSA to power our clients’ results. Instead of a set it and forget it approach that many of our competitors employ. We use our powerful product methodology which powers what we do with critical decision making within the LSA layer and allows us to make the most impact possible for our clients.

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