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2020 07 30

Over 85% of people searching Google will not go beyond the first page of results!  In 2020, businesses cannot afford to ignore the importance of page one Google Search results – today, eligible businesses are becoming Google Guaranteed and Google Screened which positions them on the VERY TOP of search results, even above paid ads!

Google is going beyond search. They are now guaranteeing your services and for the first time, providing advertising on a fixed-fee per call!

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Becoming verified is the first step, our partnership with Google enables us to get our customers verified through our VIP approval process; each of our valued clients has an experienced dedicated digital marketing specialist to provide results and return on investment. For those clients that want to keep their finger on the pulse, real-time insights are available 24/7 through our Marketing Center. Customers can logon at their convenience  to review performance, data, trends, and see the entire picture of their marketing investment; that’s revolutionary! We pride ourselves on this transparency and ensure each and every client has the resources they need to monitor their account through our user friendly platform. 

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OMG National’s Google Calls Advisor product is a complete solution to drive calls from Google and includes:

Getting Your Business Google Verified: OMG National’s Google Calls Advisor product generates proven results to small businesses across the country. Our partnership with Google allows us to get our clients “Google Guaranteed”  and “Google Screened” through our VIP approval process; qualified home service providers are eligible to become Google Guaranteed, this immediately tells customers/prospects  that your business is a trusted provider of services in your local area – qualified professionals in the financial services, real estate, and legal professions are eligible to become Google Screened, this green badge of trust indicates your business as having credibility and shows potential clients that you’ve met the strict criteria for client satisfaction as well as having all the licensing and certifications needed to practice. Check your businesses eligibility here

Optimizing Your Google Local Profile Information:  Optimizing your Google local profile information with relevant and actionable content is another factor that greatly influences rank, included in OMG’s Google Local Service product is the management of profile content including changes, optimization, and many other behind the scene strategies that help your business rank higher than your competitors, see where your business ranks by clicking here

Monitoring & Responding to Google Reviews: reviews impact your business’s rank and oftentimes help prospects’ decision making process. OMG National’s Google Calls Advisor program not only helps businesses get reviews but also monitors and responds to the reviews; this demonstrates to both Google and prospects that your business is active and responsive. Sophisticated tactics ensure positive review growth for your business over time! Our sophisticated software enables us to see what is being said about your business on over 30 different review sites, run your free scan by clicking here

Deploying Local Citations: the number of citations a business has directly influences their ranking on Google; some examples of local citations include your businesses name, address, and phone number. Businesses who are appearing towards the top of Google searches typically have about 85 citations;  OMG National’s award winning citation builder allows us to actively manage citations for your business across over 400 local search services, this is also included in our Google Local Service product and directly influences your businesses local rank! See how your business is appearing online by clicking here

Building and Maintaining a Google My Business Website: launching and maintaining a Google My Business website strongly influences your businesses rank on Google. OMG National strategically launches these websites to not only increase your rank but also provide call-to-actions that allow customers to call you with just one click, request quotes, etc. Each site is customized and regularly updated with content including business information and photos. 

Content Creation: consistently posting actionable social content on Google also influences your businesses rank; OMG National’s Google Calls Advisor product includes content creation including but not limited to Google Q&A posts and Google My Business posts. OMG National has social media specialists who create compelling content for businesses to be posted and maintained. 

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