Lawyers Are Now Eligible To Become Google Screened, Are You?

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Google Screened, one of Google’s latest and greatest programs for cost effective lead generation, is now being offered to select law practices. 

This is huge news and an incredible opportunity  for attorneys across the country  as they’ll now be able to run Google Local Service Ads – pay-per-lead ads that appear at the very top of Google search results, even above paid ads – the best part about it is that you’ll only be paying for qualified leads, not clicks!

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This opportunity allows lawyers to reach potential customers who are searching for their services, law firms who are Google Screened not only appear at the very top of search results but becoming Google Screened also conveys trust and credibility – it lets prospects know that Google has vetted your business and you’ve passed the extensive background checks and qualifications set forth by Google. 

Google Screened is helping eligible businesses across the country dominae local search, this is an opportunity attorneys can’t afford to miss!

  • Display Credibility 
  • Make Your Business More Visible
  • Pay for Qualified Leads, Not For Clicks
  •  Get Google to Back Your Business
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