Internet Marketing Agencies Grow Small Business

When it comes to online marketing, the biggest problems most small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) face is the lack of time and knowledge.

Small business owners are extremely productive people. They are experts in their fields, multitaskers, and leaders, but they’re not necessarily good marketers. 

Even when a small business can find the time,  the marketing landscape is a demanding discipline that is constantly changing. Most small business owners simply can’t stay in tune with the continual changes that drive successful marketing strategies.  

The data is clear that the business owners that hire a marketing agency to stay on top of their customer acquisition and retention tactics are beating the competition

In the InfusionSoft  “Small Business Marketing Trends” Report, businesses that reported using an outside agency, bring in more new customers and increase their sales, than those that use an internal staff or do it themselves. 

You now have access to the same digital marketing tactics and technology that are used by the largest, most successful businesses. The online marketing industry is highly fragmented from a tactical perspective. Marketing automation is the technology that ties it all together, removing product complexities and pricing variances and enabling you to concentrate on running your business.

Doing it inhouse simply does not work as well. Recent data from the reputable Street Fight Research on small business owners validate the fact that the business owners who do their marketing themselves are the least satisfied with their results. Are your ready to drive results for your business and get and keep more customers? 

 In the weeks ahead, we will be showcasing more of our personalized marketing automation technology and helping you to learn how our solutions help you to take advantage of decades of hands on knowledge to grow your business.