The Importance of Online Reviews

The Importance of Online Reviews

By: Henry Heredia

Consumers today place great importance on reviews. Whether the reviews come from Yelp, Yellowpages, Facebook, or right on Google, potential customers are actively seeking them out to make purchase decisions. The fact is that reviews are only gaining more importance and as business owners, it’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Reviews have garnered so much influence that they’ve now been integrated into how search results appear. Engines like Google and Bing understand their worth and rank websites higher based on the number and frequency of reviews. OMG National provides review management services to help your company stay on top of what others are saying, and increase the number of reviews to the website that needs it most.

How much do consumers trust online reviews? A recent study shows that almost 85% of people hold online reviews in the same regard as a personal recommendation from someone well-known. In addition the larger the number of reviews, the more trustworthy they are for your customers and for Google.

Online reviews are now expected

Technology and the internet have reshaped how our entire society interacts. We’ve gone from using telegrams to video chats in the last two centuries, and the advantages have been immense. Now, reviews are taking the place of word of mouth recommendations and businesses are being affected both positively and negatively.

People expect to see reviews when they search for a business and they’re willing to write reviews if prompted. Reviews hold businesses accountable and ensure a higher level of quality and customer service. When businesses keep their standards high, their customers will remain happy and that makes asking for reviews a whole lot easier.

On the other hand, bad reviews are unavoidable. You can never guess the mood a customer is going to be in and no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to please everyone. The key is how you handle a bad review. Responding appropriately to bad reviews is important so other potential customers can see that you’re actively trying to resolve a problem. Bad reviews can help companies identify weak spots and improve. This along with a well-written response can turn a bad review into a good one.

OMG National’s Review Stream 3 platform is your complete solution to review management. It creates notifications when a customer leaves a review, prompts customers to leave reviews with text and email messages, as well as balances your review presence across the internet.

Final thought

Reviews are here to stay and the sooner you begin managing your reviews and online reputation, the better it will be for your business in the long run. Digital marketing is all about up-to-date information and garnering constant reviews is a great way to stay within the Google periscope. Contact the professionals at OMG National today and get a handle on your reviews with our digital marketing services. Call 800-789-4619 or visit

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