How Do Veterinarians Become Google Screened?

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When a pet owner is looking for a vet, they’re likely turning to Google, is your office being found? Appearing at the top? Conveying trust and credibility to pet parents looking for services you offer? 

To help professional service providers such as veterinarians, Google launched their Google Screened program which enables eligible businesses to be positioned at the VERY top of local search results, convey trust and credibility to prospects searching online, and the best part about it all is….. you are only responsible to pay for QUALIFIED leads that come in – no more wasting money on clicks or unqualified prospects. 

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Google launched their Screened program with limited eligibility for select industries, the success immediately changed the advertising landscape and since, Google has expanded the verticals and eligible industries to include veterinarians. Google is positioning qualified businesses that earn their Google Badge of Trust at the TOP, letting prospects know that Google backs their business, and has been proven to generate qualified leads on a  pay-per-lead basis. 

The Google Screened program will change the advertising landscape for veterinarians, just as it has for all of the other eligible industries! This program was strategically designed to take qualified companies to the TOP of Google and if you’re not there, pet parents will likely be choosing your competition. 

For veterinarians to become Google Screened, they must first undergo a very detailed approval and in depth application and vetting process. Once verified, businesses will be eligible to participate in Google Local Services Ads which are the ads that appear at the VERY top of Google Local Search results. Participating businesses are only responsible to pay for qualified leads that come in for the job types you select!

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So how do veterinarians get Google Screened and qualified to launch Google Local Services Ads?

For vets to become Google Screened and launch Google Local Services Ads, they must first pass Google’s through verification process which includes a series of qualifying questions, background checks, license checks, and in many cases insurance checks as well. Although the application process is extremely tedious and even one small error can delay the process, the benefits of becoming Google Screened and launching Google Local Services Ads will most definitely pay off! 

To remain competitive, relevant, and begin getting an influx of new furry patients, it is highly recommended that your business becomes Screened and as a Trusted Google Partner, OMG National has helped eligible businesses across the country through the vetting and application process as well as with the management of their Google Local Service campaigns, in order to maintain the badge of trust and keep the ads running seamlessly!

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With Google Local Services Ads for veterinarians, you choose the budget, job types, servicing locations, and are only responsible for qualified leads that come in! If you get a call for animals or procedures not listed, we will dispute the call on your behalf for a credit. The Google Screened program ensures businesses are only responsible to pay for qualified leads that come in!  This is your opportunity to begin appearing in the right place (top of Google) at the right time (when prospects are searching for the veterinary services you offer). 

To learn more about the Google Screened program, Google Local Service Ads, and to check your veterinary clinic’s eligibility, give us a call for a complimentary consultation with one of our Google Local Service Ad experts, 800-789-461

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