How Do Chiropractors Become Verified by Google?


By now you might’ve seen other companies being positioned at the TOP of Google, even above the paid ads, and be wondering how you can get your chiropractic practice up there with them.

These ads like the ones shown below are Google Local Services Ads and to launch them, your practice must be Verified by Google. To start, the Verified by Google program is only available to select medical practices and specific job types – chiropractors happen to be one of the lucky ones that get to participate in the Verified by Google program, launch Google Local Services Ads, and only pay for qualified leads for new patients that come in on a pay-per-lead basis. 

Google is positioning qualified chiropractors at the TOP with the Google Badge of Trust, letting prospects know that Google backs your business. 

Cta 1

This program has changed the advertising landscape for medical professionals and is like no other – it is taking eligible chiropractors to the TOP of Google!

For chiropractors to become Verified by Google, they must first go through a thorough vetting process which includes an in depth application process. This can be tedious (Google wants to be certain they are only positioning trusted medical providers at the top) and as a Trusted Google Partner, OMG National is able to fast-track your approval process and ensure your practice not only earns the Google Badge of Trust but also maintains it!  

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This is a huge opportunity for your practice to convey trust to potential patients searching for the chiropractic services you provide online and continue building your credibility. So how do chiropractors get Verified by Google and qualified to launch Google Local Services Ads?

For chiropractors to become Verified by Google and launch Google Local Services Ads, they must first pass Google’s verification process which includes a series of verification questions, background checks, license checks, as well as insurance checks and other qualifiers. The application process is extremely tedious and even one small error can delay the process or reject the application as a whole, but the benefits of becoming Verified by Google and launching Google Local Services Ads have been proven to  pay off! 

As other chiropractors become Verified by Google and position themselves at the top, it is critical to remain competitive and relevant – it is highly recommended that all eligible chiropractors become Verified by Google and as a Trusted Google Partner, OMG National can help eligible practices through the vetting and application process as well as with the management of their Google Local Service campaigns, in order to maintain the badge of trust and keep the ads running profitably. 

Once verified, you’re able to choose the allocated budget, which job types you’d like to receive qualified leads for, the different servicing locations, and no more wasting money on clicks or spam!!

To learn more about the Verified by Google program, Google Local Service Ads, and to check your eligibility, give us a call for a complimentary consultation with one of our Google Local Services experts, 800-789-461