Harness The Power of Google for YOUR Business

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There are days when anyone who is of a certain age, and who is in business, will harken back to the “good ole days”. Those far-flung memories of a time when things were simpler, cost less, and where the one-two punch of providing great service and working hard, were enough to ensure your success.

Well, time stops for no man, and whether we accept it or not, the future has arrived. Today, there’s more competition, more red tape, higher costs across the board, and sadly, success cannot be assured by simply doing the right thing by your customers.

No, today you need to know more, to be able to use technology, to understand the forces that are at play in your market. It’s gotten tougher.

There are many ways that you can future-proof your company from the constant change. Understanding the many ways that Google can figure into the equation, is a highly recommended starting point.

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Over the past 20-years, Google has all but replaced many advertising tools and some that were simply informational. Take the Yellow Pages, the white pages, 411 (calling information), Maps, the library, encyclopedias, billboards and so much more… they are all in your phone now, on Google.

With shifts so pervasive, in so many areas of our lives, a business that wants to be successful in 2023, can’t ignore Google and their advertising options forever. We’ve converted many a skeptic over the years, some of whom swore they’d “never give Google a penny!” are amongst our biggest success stories.

So how do you harness this power for your business, attract your customers, in your market, against your competition? You do it with help from experts.

Using a marketing expert or ad agency is smart. It frees you up to do what you do best, relying on those who are constantly studying the latest techniques, understanding the myriad of ad types and who are using data to drive performance. 

At OMG National, we interpret hundreds of data points to make sure that our next campaign performs better than the last one.

Take ECT, they provide HVAC services and automation controls. They have achieved significant growth in the past couple of months utilizing a mix of Google Ads to achieve different goals. These techniques have combined to help increase their exposure by more than 200%… (yeah, but what does that really mean? Sounds like marketing hype!) Actually, it means sales have ramped up from 27 in May, to 153 in June, and the growth continues.

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Or, we can look at FOMH, with substantial year over year growth and bookings from their ads generating 15 calls last July to 71 so far this July, and steady progress in engagement each month.

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Though we are protecting our client’s privacy in the previous examples, we have tons of active client case studies available for you to review, just ask! 

With the dog days of summer in full effect, there is no better time to take control and future proof your business. An expertly deployed Google Ads campaign will help you drive sales, placing your business where your customers are looking. 

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