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Bankruptcy Lawyers

Layer 3

Disablilty Lawyers

Layer 4

Financial Planners

Layer 5

Litigation Lawyers

Layer 6

Real Estate Lawyers

Layer 2

Business Lawyers

Layer 7

DUI Lawyers

Layer 8

Intellectual Property Lawyers

Layer 10

Tax Lawyers

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Malpractice Lawyers

Layer 11

Contract Lawyers

Layer 12

Estate Lawyers

Layer 13

Immigration Lawyers

Layer 15

Personal Injury Lawyers

Layer 21

Tax Specialist

Layer 16

Criminal Lawyers

Layer 20

Family Lawyers

Layer 17

Labor Lawyers

Layer 18

Real Estate Agents

Layer 19

Traffic Lawyers


Businesses eligible to become Google Screened must first pass Google's screening and qualification process which includes background checks and license checks depending on the specific business category. If your business meets the qualifications, your business will be featured on Google with a Google Screened icon - this lets consumers know that Google has throughly vetted your business and conveys credibility.


Once your business is Google Screened verified, you will be eligible to run Google Local Service ads. Google Local Service ads are positioned at the VERY top of relevant Google search results, even above the paid ads. Professional service providers who are running Google Local Service ads are only paying for actual qualified leads, not clicks!

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