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Google Guaranteed is the piece of Local Services Ads that supports Home Services providers. This type of categorization typically supports providers that may enter a consumer’s home or place of business to service a physical thing (example: unlocking a car) Google Guaranteed is the more mature piece of Local Services Ads and boasts up to $2,000 in consumer protection for work that is not of sufficient quality. This consumer protection is at Google’s sole discretion & subject to a lifetime limit among other conditions.

Display Credibility with Screened Badge

Show Up at Top of Search Results

Pay for Qualified Leads, Not For Clicks

Get Google to Back Your Business

Google Guaranteed changed the paid advertising ecosystem by offering qualified phone calls & the ability to dispute invalid leads. Furthermore, Google is able to strengthen its transactional layer by adding a layer of trust to calls, messages, &  bookings depending on what our clients opt into. Last but not least, Google Guaranteed & LSA in general ditch keywords in favor of a simple Category to job type structure. Google Guaranteed one of the most powerful solutions in the paid advertising space for lead generation for the categories which it supports. Responsiveness, Radius, Reviews, & the bid are all drivers to performance and factors of ad ranking. Trust revolves around earning & maintaining the badge!

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 Get the green badge of trust
  Make your business more visible
  Achieve the highest possible Google ranking
  Pay per phone call from a new customer
  Get Google to back your business

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Google Guaranteed status is available for eligible businesses that pass a screening and qualification process through Google Local Services. If your business meets the requirements, Google will back your business up to $2,000 for jobs that came to your business through Google if the customer is not satisfied with the work quality; letting customers know that your business is Google Guaranteed conveys credibility and positions you favorably.

Once Google Guaranteed, your business will be able to run Google Local Service ads, these ads appear on the VERY top of Google - even above paid ads. With Google Local Service ads, you're only paying for actual qualified leads not clicks!

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