Google Local Services Ads are
Now Available for Dental Professionals!

As a professional in dentistry, you know how important trust and credibility are - if you are not credible and patients don’t trust you, they’ll likely find another provider. Google also recognizes the importance of trust and credibility and that’s just what their Verified By Google program conveys to prospective patients looking online for the services your dental practice offers. 

Dentists and other dental specialists that become Verified By Google will earn their Google Badge of Trust and become eligible to launch Google Local Services Ads - these are the ads that appear at the very top of local search results, even above paid ads! This program is like no other and is the first pay-per-lead program that has been proven to generate quality results while conveying trust and credibility to prospective patients online!

Google Local Services Ads for Dentists - OMG National

Convey Trust to New Patients Searching Online

Show up at the TOP of Search Results

Pay for Qualified New Patients, Not Clicks

Get Google to Back Your Dental Practice

Benefits of the Badge

  • Ads display on the top of Google’s search results

  • Upgrade business status online to a trusted provider

  • Maintain an LSA business profile

  • Paying for leads, not clicks, on a cost-per-call or message basis

  • Demonstrate your company’s dedication to safety and service

Dentists Are Now Eligible to Become Verified By Google

Dental Professionals across the country are conveying trust and credibility to prospects while appearing at the very top of Google’s Search results by becoming Verified By Google!

Verified By Google Approval Process

For dental practices to become Verified By Google, they must first pass Google’s screening and verification process.

This process is configured based on the requirements of each state’s medical board, with different requirements for each area of specialty/discipline. Google’s standard verification also must be passed, this includes a background check, license, and insurance information. Dentists and other dental specialists who meet the qualifications will earn their Google Badge of Trust which will be featured on their practice’s Google Business Profile. This badge lets potential patients know that Google has thoroughly vetted your practice and you as a professional.

Once your practice is Verified By Google, you become eligible to launch Google Local Services Ads which will position you at the VERY top of the Google Search Results. No more wasting money on clicks, you will only be responsible for qualified leads that come in for the services you wish to advertise within the geographic location specified.

This is a huge opportunity for dentists and specialists to connect with prospective new patients who are looking for top-quality dental services.