Google Update: Local Services Ads – How They Will Impact Your Business

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With Google, change is constant. That change has come once again to the world of Local Search, with two varieties of Google’s Local Service Ads: Google Screened and Google Guaranteed. These first ever, pay-per-call ads from Google, have changed the local search environment in a significant way. 

Today, businesses who are “Screened” or “Guaranteed” are eligible to run Google Local Services ads, which appear at the very top of Google search results. Previously occupied by traditional pay-per-click results, these ads are presented with Google’s direct endorsement and with the call to action leading to an inbound phone call to the advertiser.


This change is impacting professional and home services providers across the country and represents one of the biggest transformations to date in Google search. This new program is about more than just appearing at the very top of search results and paying per lead, but also conveying trust and credibility to prospects by letting them know that Google backs your business.

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OMG National’s Google Calls Advisor Program is in sync with Google and provides a VIP approval process for eligible businesses to earn their Google badge while maximizing the “Screened” and “Guaranteed” opportunities!

Benefits of Becoming Google Screened or Guaranteed: 

  • Ads display on the top of Google’s search results
  • Upgrade business status online to a trusted, Guaranteed or Screened provider
  • Maintain your LSA business profile, demonstrating quality service & responsiveness
  • Pay a fixed cost for inbound phone or message leads, no wasteful clicks
  • Demonstrate your company’s dedication to quality and service

To learn more about the approval process, requirements, and how this program will impact your business, give us a call 800-789-4619

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