Google Summit 16’ – Changes Announced – OMG’s Key Takeaways

Last month the online giant hosted their performance summit. Major changes were announced and for the first time in recent memory, these changes will affect EVERY AdWords advertiser. In this post, I wanted to share some of the key changes which are coming down the pike and what this means to marketers and their paid search campaigns.

1. Advertising On Google Maps – All signs have been pointing to mobile search for the last couple of years and in fact the “near me” searches have increased 40x over the last 5 years, with a huge number of those queries resulting in a business visit, call, and or sale. As a response to this uptick in local search queries, Google has responded by adding advertising pins in the Google Maps. As part of a paid search campaign, businesses will be able to place a location pin and ad within the maps by keyword and locale. This function will be available as a part of the Google My Business listing and location extensions within the AdWords account.

2. New Bid Adjustment Options – Agencies like OMG which manage hundreds of paid search accounts each month have been frustrated by the inability to adjust their bid by “device type”. Thinking through the way users of different devices would likely use services is one of the ways which agencies like ours determine bid strategy. For a plumber, a search on a mobile phone may be more valuable as a “right now” sale possibility than say one on a tablet. Thus, Google has now enabled agencies to bid-set based on device types. This greater flexibility gives agencies the ability to fine tune their strategy, getting clients more value for their ad dollars.

3. Enhanced Text Ads – Google announced that they are increasing the amount of text that can be included in their ads from a 25-35-35 layout to a 30-30-80 layout, broken out like this:

  • 30 characters for a headline
  • 30 characters for headline part two
  • 80 characters for an expanded description
  • Also, the display URL’s will now be auto-generated which means we no longer need to come up with our own display addresses. More text means more creative, lead converting ad copy and a better opportunity for your ad to appear in relevant searches.

4. Demographics Options To Be Adjusted – Targeting by age and gender will be expanded beyond just the Display Ads. The Search Ads will now be able to target specifics on gender and age as well. Given the robust demographics that Facebook has as a part of their paid search, we would infer that enhancements in Google’s demographics are going to happen soon, especially as they continue to gather so much source info from the pages which host their retargeting ads.

5. Look & Feel, A New Layout – The interface will soon be redesigned with that change coming before years’ end. Screen shots have been made available and the look has been compared to the look of the new AdWords app.

dd1Here at OMG, our team works hard to develop the very best options to meet the needs of our diverse clients. The world of paid search is complicated. From the ad venue itself, to the right keyword selection, the ad network, the budget management, the timing, etc. there are a million factors that combine to realize success or failure. When it’s your business at stake, you obviously want those factors to combine for success.

It’s to that end that we are putting the final touches on our all-new paid search program, OMG Crush. With an OMG Crush – Account Specialist, we will help you determine the objective for your ads, then we’ll do the research, build your campaign, and get the cash register ringing.

Perhaps we can drive double the clicks for half the price on the Bing network? – CRUSH IT!
Maybe direct click-to-call only ads will give you a 3-1 return vs. Google searchnet ? – CRUSH IT!
Got a visual product/service? Maybe video pre-roll on YouTube is the best value? – CRUSH IT!

You see, paid search today is not for wimps. I remember circa 2003, I wanted to run ppc ads on Google for our original product, the telephone on-hold message. Inside of 30 minutes, I had our ad on Google’s first page, and the phone ringing. It was simple… create the ad, set the bid, outbid your competitor, and you’re at the top. Not anymore! Now, there are all kinds of considerations. From ad quality, to keyword relevancy, to landing page quality, to destination url validity… it’s not for the faint of heart, frankly, to do it right, you need an expert.

So whether you ever work with my company or not, make sure you get the info you need to ensure your success. To stay atop the dynamic nature of the paid search marketplace, just stay tuned to our OMG blog and you’re golden!

For OMG National, this Jesse Lubar signing off with a smile 