Google Launches “Google Screened Program” for Professional Services Providers

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OMG National, Google tackles new markets with Google Screened.

The Google local search game changed drastically for home service providers when Google launched their Google Guaranteed Program – it was such a success that they recently launched a similar program for professional service providers called Google Screened and the search game for these professions has already started changing tremendously!

All businesses that want to become “Google Screened” must go through an in-depth screening process by Google including a background check, license and insurance check as well as an extensive screening of your business reviews and ratings. 



Google Screened business listings are now the first results shown in a Google search, above the maps, above the pay-per-click ads, above the directories, at the very top! 

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When potential customers click on a Google Screened listing, the consumer will be taken to a screen like the one shown below where they’ll be able to request an estimate for that company’s specific services:


Calls placed from those potential new clients are made directly to your office, and are tracked and recorded for quality. One of the most unique components to the program is that if you do receive a “bad call”, from a telemarketer or competitor, you’ll have the ability to dispute it immediately.

Get Prepared For The Google Screened Program To Come To Your Area

With the beta test complete, Google Screened is beginning to launch in select markets across the U.S. As Google Certified Onboarding Partners, OMG National now has the ability to proactively launch this revolutionary ads program, in your market! So if you are not yet seeing Google Screened options at the top of search, don’t fear! OMG is here and ready to take your market by storm, with your company leading the pack. 

Early indicators are showing incredible results, with Screened businesses reporting a significant amount of increased calls. 

Like Google’s Local Service Ads for Home Pro’s did, – the Google Screened Program is going to attract qualified inbound calls. 

Let’s work together to determine the best approach for activating your business and charting a new course forward. We’re very excited and have cracked the code, enabling our team to onboard your company, painlessly and hassle-free. 

Secure your top spot across search today, reachout to OMG at 800.789.4619 or visit to schedule your demo with an OMG expert.

Tips to prepare for Google Screened in your area: 

  • Ensure your business is properly licensed and insured.
  • Create, verify and maintain your Google My Business page with hours, location, and other relevant information.
  • Address negative reviews and ask satisfied customers to leave your business reviews on Google and other review platforms.
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Final Word

The OMG National team has cracked the code with the Google Screened Program – we are turning on Google Screened in geographic areas across the country, to learn more about the program in your vertical market, contact an expert at OMG National today at 800-789-4619.

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