“Google Screened Program” for Professional Services

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Google Continues to Innovate With New Ad Unit for Professionals: Google Screened

What’s New

Following the early success of the “Google Guarantee” for home service providers and its Local Service Ads, the Mountain View, California behemoth has launched Google Screened.

With a wide scale roll-out during 2019, front page results are now being dominated by a new ad unit displaying across the top of the page. These coveted spots are filled with service providers in the various home service trades who have been vetted and guaranteed by Google.

With the new Google Screened, this same premise is now developed and is being tested in select markets for Attorneys, Finance Professionals, Realtors, and others. Advertisers wanting to “get guaranteed” will endure a relatively rigorous process including specific licensure verification, Pinkerton background investigation, and other forensic analysis of their business or practice.

Though the registration can be daunting, the rewards are likely to be positive. Advertisers from within the Google Local Service Ads sphere, have reported generally positive results. Reporting feedback such as consistent calls, higher intent, and higher closing rates, mean that Professionals considering this new ad type should pay attention.

While the initial roll-out is limited, we watched the Local Service Ads go from 0 to 60, rolling out across the country within a couple of months.

Getting in Position

Those professionals who are interested in using Google Screened to drive new business should take specific steps to ensure their company or practice is prepared. These include:

• Maximizing their Google My Business Page – Make sure your page is claimed, all the information displayed is accurate, and that you engaged as many of the options as possible.

• Share High Quality Content – Use your Google page to share relevant posts on a consistent basis. Access and use the Events or Offers feature should they apply to your business. These initiatives will help your Google page stand out and are a key to the algorithm Google will use when rotating your listing in front of your next prospective client.

• Solicit Feedback – Reviews are the big driver for qualifying for these Google Guaranteed Programs. Be sure you have implemented a system for collecting reviews from your clients and responding to them all whether positive or negative.

Consult an Expert

Internet Marketing is getting consistently more complicated with each passing month. While some choose to dive in directly and learn all they can, others prefer to vet a trusted partner and rely on them to source the best Internet Marketing Solutions and to implement them on their behalf. Whether it be Google, Facebook, AdWords, Content Creation, Social Media, or any form of Internet Marketing, the pace of change makes it increasingly less likely that your small business will have the resources to truly leverage all available options. Ask yourself where you are best served spending your time and most professionals come to the same conclusion, that hiring a professional marketing organization makes the most sense.

To learn more about Google Screened and how OMG National helps our clients maximize their marketing options, give us a call or visit our website