Google Ads for 2024 – 5 Trends to Understand & 5 Client Success Stories

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With the digital marketing landscape constantly changing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for small businesses, especially when it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Google Ads, the dominant player in the PPC world, is constantly introducing new features and refining its algorithms. The infusion of AI will continue to refine the ad campaign tools and enable Google to provide the most relevant, quality results to the user. So, what trends should you be aware of in 2024?

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1. Embrace the Power of AI: Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming Google Ads, offering features like automated bidding and smart targeting. These tools can help small businesses optimize their campaigns for better results, even with limited resources. By leveraging AI, you can free up time to focus on other aspects of your business while ensuring your ads reach the right audience at the right time.

2. Experiment with Diverse Ad Formats: Gone are the days of text-only ads. Google Ads now offers a variety of engaging formats, including video, image, and even shopping ads. Experimenting with different formats can help you capture attention, stand out from the competition, and cater to diverse audience preferences. Remember, visuals are powerful, and incorporating them strategically, alongside engaging copypoints can significantly boost your click-through rates.

3. Master the Art of Audience Targeting: Reaching the right audience is key to successful PPC campaigns. Google Ads provides advanced targeting options based on demographics, interests, online behavior, and even purchase intent. By utilizing these features effectively, you can ensure your ads are displayed to individuals genuinely interested in what you offer, and at the optimal time in their buyer’s journey, maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

4. Prioritize Mobile Optimization: With the majority of searches now conducted on mobile devices, ensuring your ads are optimized for smaller screens is crucial. This means using clear and concise messaging, creating responsive landing pages, and incorporating click-to-call features. Remember, a seamless mobile experience can significantly impact your conversion rates.

5. Leverage Local Search Ads: If your business caters to a local or even a hyper-local audience, Google Ads offers powerful local search advertising options. Utilizing features like location extensions and Google My Business integration can help ensure your business appears in relevant local searches, driving foot traffic and local engagement. A well developed local search campaign can help ensure there are less errant clicks and other waste associated with your new campaign. 

Staying informed and adapting to these evolving trends is essential for small business marketers who wish to thrive in the competitive world of online advertising. By embracing AI, exploring diverse ad formats, targeting effectively, optimizing for mobile, and leveraging local search features, you can ensure that your campaigns deliver the desired results and help your business reach new heights in the new year!

While it doesn’t take years of schooling or months of practical knowledge to launch a Google Ads campaign, let’s face it, you have a business to run. Trusting a certified Google partner to work on your behalf is likely your best chance for success. Google does provide the tools for the DIY-minded business owner, however there are a number of things to consider before investing your valuable time and money. While you might have a great eye for design and you know your brand well, maybe writing ad copy is not your forte’. You understand all of the nuances of your service area, but are you going to have the time to measure search traffic in each of those areas so that you know where and when to deploy your ads and associated budget? Probably not. Be sure to reach out to OMG National for a quick consultation with one of our Business Development Managers, they can walk you through it and present options for you to consider.

5 Success Stories: How Small Businesses Used Google Ads to Thrive

1. Cool Breeze Air Conditioning (Air Conditioning Contractor):

  • Challenge: Faced stiff competition in a saturated market.
  • Solution: Launched targeted Google Ads campaigns focusing on specific neighborhoods and zip codes during peak summer months. Used keywords like “AC repair near me” and “emergency AC service.”
  • Results: Increased website traffic by 300% and phone inquiries by 250%.

2. Savor This (Catering Company):

  • Challenge: Struggled to reach potential clients beyond word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Solution: Created targeted Google Ads campaigns showcasing mouthwatering food pictures in high resolution and highlighting special event catering packages. Utilized location targeting and keywords like “corporate catering services” and “wedding catering Boston”
  • Results: Secured bookings for 20% more events within 3 months and expanded their client base to into 2 new towns where are popular wedding venues.

3. Cozy Carpets Manhasset (Carpet Store):

  • Challenge: Needed to drive foot traffic and online sales amidst competition from big-box retailers.
  • Solution: Launched Google Ads campaigns with compelling visuals showcasing their carpet selection and their staff, also offering special discounts. Used keywords like “Best Berber Carpet installation” and “carpet sale near me.”
  • Results: Increased in-store visits by 15% and online carpet sales by 20%.

4. Sollaway Law Firm (Personal Injury Law Firm):

  • Challenge: Wanted to attract new clients seeking legal representation after accidents. In one of the most expensive Google Ad categories (injury law), they spent thousands of dollars trying to run a campaign on their own with very few leads to show for it. 
  • Solution: Developed targeted Google Ads campaigns focusing on specific injury types like Uber/Lyft accidents and specific types of slip-and-fall injuries. Utilized keywords like “personal injury lawyer Cincinnati” and “legal consultation after accident.”
  • Results: Generated a steady stream of qualified leads, resulting in a 20% increase in new client meetings and 12% increase in cases over a 6 month period.

5. Harmony Family Therapy (Family Therapist):

  • Challenge: Faced difficulty reaching individuals seeking mental health support due to stigma and new tech-based, mass marketed services like Better Health.
  • Solution: Launched Google Ads campaigns emphasizing confidentiality, in-person option, specific therapy approaches, and highlighting the therapist’s qualifications. Used keywords like “family therapy near me” and “anxiety treatment options.”
  • Results: Increased website traffic by 40% and received record inquiries from individuals seeking therapy for various concerns. This created a large pipeline of new potential clients and built local awareness.

These examples showcase the diverse ways small businesses across various industries are leveraging Google Ads to achieve their goals. By understanding their target audience, utilizing relevant keywords, and experimenting with different campaign strategies, small businesses can harness the power of PPC advertising to reach new customers, grow their brand, and achieve sustainable success.

Again, while these goals can be achieved by individuals who have a working knowledge of Google Ads, most successful operators find that they are better off working with a pro who has all of the required expertise. Rapid change is a hallmark of all internet advertising and Google Ads probably changes the most. New ad types, new extensions, changes in targeting based on privacy terms, new criteria for what defines a high quality landing page are just a few of the things to keep an eye on. Doing so while running your small business is likely not the best use of your time. Rely on a professional to provide you with the options, reach out to OMG National today, let one of our Business Development Managers provide you with the options!

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