Paid Search Ads Now Occupy 100% of Mobile Search Screens

OMG’s Google Ads product was developed to deliver the most marketing conversions for our clients at the lowest cost. Google Ads deploys proprietary real-time bidding algorithms to create paid search campaigns that deliver exceptional return on investment for businesses of all types. Google Ads delivers immediate results for clients looking to get new customers. It enables you to beat the competition and show up at the top of search results.

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Historical Data & Conversion Analysis

Built on advanced systems that use historical search-term data and conversions to maximize performance at the lowest possible cost.

Dynamic Budget Management

Hourly bidding ensures that every campaign delivers maximum results. Automated continuous bid pacing allows for fluid campaign delivery.

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  • Integrated Call Tracking

    OMG uses integrated call tracking that informs bidding algorithms to optimize campaign performance returns.

  • Automated Bid Pacing

    Automated continuous bid pacing enhances fluid campaign delivery and ROI.

  • Comprehensive Keyword Library

    OMG uses a comprehensive keyword library that has been refined for more than a decade to ensure that the terms you are controlling are the most effective for your client’s stated business goals.

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