Get Verified By Google & Start Appearing at The TOP!

You’ve probably heard of the Google Local Services Ads by now and if you haven’t, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! These are the ads that appear at the VERY top of Google Local Search results, even above the paid ads, map packs, and all organic results! 

This program has changed the advertising landscape for businesses nationwide by positioning them at the very top of local search while conveying trust and credibility to prospects searching online all by letting them know that Google backs their business!

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As a Trusted Google Partner, OMG is proud to offer a VIP Approval Process to our clients and handle the tedious vetting process on your behalf and expedite the approval process for your business. If your business falls within one of the eligible categories and you’re approved, you will then earn a Google Badge of Trust and officially become either Google Guaranteed (for home service providers) or Google Screened (for professional service providers). 

Once your business becomes either Google Screened or Google Guaranteed and earns the Badge of Trust, you will become eligible to launch Google Local Services Ads and start appearing at the top of Google Local Search results. As if that isn’t enticing enough, businesses will only be responsible to pay for qualified leads that come in, no more paying for clicks or spam and….it’s launched on a pay-per-lead basis!  

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Google is constantly expanding the eligible industries and opening the door for new verticals, now is the time to get your business verified and to the top! 

Earn your Google Badge of Trust TODAY, what are you waiting for?

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