A first-of-its-kind product that gets Service Pros new customer calls from Google!

Not all calls have a cost on Google! OMG’s Google Calls Advisor is primarily focused on getting businesses free calls. We do this by improving the rank and performance of the client’s Google My Business Page (GMB). Google My Business is a set of tools that has been developed to manage your complete business presence across Google’s Local Search and Map properties. It is a complex and diverse mix of requirements and strategies. OMG’s Google Calls Advisor is focused on demystifying Google and helping businesses maximize their full potential to Rank Higher and Get More Customer Calls from Google.

As a market leader, OMG also provides personalized service to help your business get approved for the “Google Guarantee” program. This lets us set up Google Local Services Ads (LSAs). These ads are unlike any other on Google. The ads sit on the very top of Google and tell customers that your business is a trusted provider of services in your local area. You pay Google on a fixed cost-per-call basis and local service ads can be turned up or down, off or on, at any time based upon the needs of the business.

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A Complete Solution to Drive Calls From Google

  • Track and Improve your GMB Local Rank
  • Optimize Google Local Profile Information
  • Monitor, Get and Respond to Google Reviews
  • VIP Approval & Management of “Google Guarantee”
  • Create and Respond to Google Q&A
  • Launch and Maintain a GMB Website
  • Deploy OMG’s Local Citation Builder
  • Post Actionable Social Content on Google
  • Provide Real-time Google Insights & Expert-level Support


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More About Google Calls Advisor

Track and Improve your GMB Local Rank

OMG’s Google Calls Advisor will help local businesses improve their rank across a targeted geographic area of Local Search results to drive more calls to the business. Our industry-leading Local Rank Tracker will monitor both desktop and mobile rankings at different target geographic points that the business serves. Every month, OMG will perform a rank check for your business to see how our work translates into more calls for your business!

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Optimize Google Local Profile Information

OMG manages the information that users find when they search for your business on Google. Businesses that keep their information up to date with GMB are twice as likely to be considered reputable, according to Google. For Google, reputation also means rank, and rank means more phone calls!

OMG manages your information and helps you rank higher for targeted local keyword searches. Profile content will be optimized to trigger more local searches and will include actionable content. Whenever information about your business changes, OMG will update it on Google to keep your content fresh for consumers.

Your business will stand out from the competition and also will be very helpful to prospects and customers as we work to improve your customer experience on Google with timely information published to your Google Local properties.

Monitor, Get and Respond to Google Reviews

OMG helps businesses get more authentic online reviews. More reviews mean higher rank and more customer calls! With OMG’s Google Calls Advisor, we will gather authentic reviews via email or text on your optimized GMB profile. We will measure and track our review request success with a conversion funnel, and track your review growth over time for your location.

Consumer-generated GMB reviews are displayed along with your Google verified businesses. Customer reviews are valuable word-of-mouth marketing and they also affect your rank on Google and directly help new people select your business. OMG monitors and responds to these vital customer reviews. When OMG publicly responds to these reviews, it shows potential customers that you are active and tells Google that you are responsive.

OMG also provides clients with access to their LSA dashboard that allows them to mark calls as booked, dispute leads, and send review requests to new customers!

Reputation Management

Create and Respond to Google Q&A

Google Q&A is a highly visible and important way for people to interact with businesses online prior to calling them. Anyone can submit a question and any Google user can answer that question. Similar to online reviews, it is important to monitor and respond to Questions posted by people on Google.

OMG’s Google Calls Advisor seeds your Google Q&A section with industry and business specific FAQs to answer customer questions in advance and increase the chances they will call and do business with you. OMG and the business is also alerted to new Questions left on Google, so we can quickly respond for the business.

OMG’s goal for its local Q&A feature is to allow consumers to find meaningful, timely answers to questions that directly influence their decision to call or visit a business. At the same time, this provides quality content to Google to improve the rank of the business in local search results to drive more phone calls to the business.

Deploy OMG’s Local Citation Builder

Local businesses that rank in positions 1-3 have an average of 85 citations. A Local Citation is the appearance of a business name, address, and phone number anywhere on the internet that provides local search results to people. Local citations are at the heart of how a business is discovered online and citations directly impact Google Local Ranking for Businesses. The number of citations a business has directly correlates to how high it appears in Google's search results.

OMG’s Google Calls Advisor, deploys the Local Citation Builder, which allows us to actively manage citations for a business and ensure data accuracy across 400+ Local Search Services. Our Local Citation Builder helps you improve the rank of your business on Google while fixing inaccurate business listings, broadening your reach, improving your visibility online and optimizing your business for voice enabled search and navigation systems.