Finish 2020 In Front of New Customers & Ahead of Your Competition

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Is your business being found in relevant Google local searches? Are you maximizing the power of Facebook and its billions of daily users? 

If you answered no to any of the 2 questions above, your business is likely not taking full advantage of local search on Google and social on Facebook.
OMG’s Local Marketing Essentials was strategically designed as a complete solution for businesses like yours and is one of the most cost-effective solutions in the marketplace.

OMG’s Local Marketing Essentials program is the search and social solution that drives results for businesses online – it contains the building blocks of local search and social, helping businesses like yours be found and selected by new customers. 

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Taking the entire customer journey into consideration, pre and post transaction, OMG’s Local Marketing Essentials helps your business target and connect with customers to stay top-of-mind with methodologies tailored to Google and Social Media specific to your business. 


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With billions of daily users, Facebook is the preferred platform for small businesses to market. However, focus, strategy, and discipline are required to maximize the true power of Facebook for small businesses. Harnessing the tremendous opportunity and true power of Facebook is included in OMG’s Local Marketing Essentials program.

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Helping your business rank higher and get new customers on Google is a valuable piece of the puzzle when laying the foundation for your business online and that’s why managing your complete business presence across Google Search and Map properties is also included in OMG’s Local Marketing Essentials. We place a high priority on simplifying Google and helping our clients maximize the full potential of Google to rank higher and get new customers.

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Finish 2020 with your business in front of new customers and ahead of your competitors, click here, to schedule a complimentary consultation!

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