February 2019: Projection: 82% of Inbound Traffic [Video]

As an OMG National Insider, we are certain you have been made aware that VIDEO is a vital ingredient in our “special sauce” for success! Did you know that, by 2021, it’s estimated that 82 percent of all traffic will be for video? That’s astounding – and opportunistic – for mindful marketers. If you think that sounds unrealistic, consider that video already accounted for just about 80 percent of traffic in 2018.

We know that you want to stand out, get results, and be a leader in your industry. We want to remind you that in content marketing, you’re going to have to consider more formats than just text-based content. Get with your account executive or ad planner to add more video to your current marketing mix. Video Unlimited is a simple cost effective way to produce a cohesive, creative, and compelling video library suitable for your YouTube Channel, Website, Online Directories, Review Sites and more!

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