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Harness the true power of with one powerful social product

Facebook has billions of daily users. Taking advantage of Facebook’s awesome power for small business requires focus and discipline. OMG’s Facebook Pro synthesizes its way through the broad reach of the social network, to locate your target customers. The product uses Facebook’s powerful marketing tools to create more meaningful customer interactions that generate real results.

Facebook Pro packs a punch and is powered by a disciplined methodology:

  • Compelling and up-to-date Facebook & Instagram Business Pages

  • Custom and lookalike audiences developed from customer data

  • Positive Facebook Recommendation Generation

  • Robust Page Like Campaigns built around your target audience

  • Consistent & focused social posts with custom graphics

  • Clear calls-to-action that make users stop and consider

  • Strategically boosted content to drive results every time

  • Monitoring to identify post & page engagement activity

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Stay top of mind, drive repeat transactions, and strengthen relationships with current and potential customers.

This process is repeated day after day, month after month all for one low price! It is time to take control of Facebook for once and for all. Facebook Pro cuts through all the broken promises of organic social media marketing. It plants our clients’ focus squarely onto the right strategies to generate results.

Facebook Pro is the perfect way to make social work for your business!

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Best-Practice Page Setup

OMG will build out your Facebook and Instagram business presence with rich content, calls-to-action (CTAs), and optimized data. This will help your business stand out and allow your page to go to work for you and your audience

Building your Target Audience Following

OMG identifies your target audience, using demographic, behavioral, and geographic patterns, and creates compelling ad creatives to get them to connect with your business. OMG creates an “always-on” campaign to bring in followers daily.

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Consistent Quality Posts

Our smart social posts go to work immediately for your business. We use attractive content, images, and videos that engage users. Content is focused on core products and services and is intended to provide your target customers, exposure to your offerings. OMG uses clear calls-to-action (CTAs) and refines its craft, with each and every post.

Boosted Campaigns

With targeted content, running ads to get exposure is key. OMG uses paid boosted posts to reach your curated target audience for maximum exposure. Every post that OMG generates will include a boost.

Reporting & Analytics

OMG Provides powerful insights into how your business is performing. You can uncover top-performing posts and understand what your target audience reacts to at any time.

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