Generate and respond to a steady flow of consumer interest in your business

OMG’s Facebook Leads is a ground-breaking program that delivers leads to businesses through Facebook and Instagram. After years of testing, OMG has gained a deep understanding of how Facebook’s new Lead Ads unit works. Now, we are able to extend our knowledge and experience to your business and deliver fresh leads, EVERY DAY! Facebook Leads are different than any other lead source that your business may have used in the past. It uses the most expansive set of demographic, interest, and geographic-based targeting ever available. What Facebook knows about its users (targeting), can be put to use by your business to get more new customers. It translates into putting your business in front of your target audience with the right messaging and placement on Facebook’s Newsfeed and Instagram’s Stories.

OMG’s Facebook Leads product deploys the right creative to grab your target's attention within one second and compel their interaction with your business’s call-to-action message. The product allows these potential customers to submit their information to you directly through Facebook with a single click. It is an amazing advancement in marketing that gives busy and distracted Facebook and Instagram users a very easy way to say, “yes, please contact me and I am interested”.

OMG will first work to carefully understand your target audience. From there, we will be in a position to deploy your creative lead ads. We then pass leads to you every day via email so that you can call them and turn them into customers!

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Find potential customers on Facebook and Instagram and make it easy for them to contact you!

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  • Get New Leads Fast
  • Beat your competition to the punch
  • Diversify your lead sources
  • Establish an effective and sustainable cost-per-lead
  • Reach your target audience directly
  • Stay top of mind with the customers you seek to serve
  • Get the conversation flowing with new customers
  • Get potential new customers delivered to you daily

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