Facebook Has Massive Reach – Your Customers are Using it Right Now!

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Facebook has evolved for businesses, the days of it being solely a social platform to post pictures of your storefront, new or featured products, and employees has long passed and if your business is not maximizing the true power behind it, you’re missing out! 

The opportunities for businesses to locate new customers, connect with existing ones, and build brand awareness through this powerful platform are HUGE but, it does require a strategic and disciplined approach; Facebook Pro is an innovative all inclusive product which has been strategically revamped to maximize the most recent features for elevating your business. 

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Facebook is a powerful tool with a network of over 1 billion daily users – imagine that, 1 billion daily users, that is a massive reach which our experts will hone down, to find your next new customer. Using a variety of options including geography, demographics, and even interests, OMG will first identify and then target, your ideal clientele.  

Facebook Pro takes the entire customer lifecycle into consideration, not only does it locate new customers, but it also ensures that your business is staying top of mind with current / past customers, driving repeat business, and strengthening relationships with both past and current customers. 

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As good as this all sounds, it’s not as easy as 1, 2, 3, post a pic and share..for businesses to generate REAL results, it takes discipline and strategy. This includes but is not limited to, optimizing your business page, posting unique content, and generating engagement through “like” campaigns and “boosted” content, which are targeting your custom-built audience – all of which must be done accurately and consistently. 

Have no fear, OMG’s Facebook Pro product removes the guesswork. Our team of Facebook specialists are in sync with the optimization processes, updates to the Facebook algorithm, and the newest features. OMG will put Facebook to work for your business, letting you run your business and enabling us to drive results. 

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