Evolving With Google: Foreword from CEO

As OMG prepares to roll out it’s latest website iteration, it occurred to me that perhaps the best blog post we could do, would be relating to website development. In 2016 and in increasing importance each and every year, is the 800 lb. gorilla in the online marketing realm…. Google.

dd4When analyzing our own website analytics, it is always evident that the majority of our traffic comes not through the search engines, but as a result of “direct send”. This means that it is our team of tele-sales pro’s who are driving the bulk of our traffic. We continue to work through our own search marketing, video, social and other efforts to drive traffic through the web, but it remains that “direct send” is the majority. This makes sense as direct selling via the phone has been a core competency for 26 years.

With our new site launch and now wanting to capitalize on it, we must delve into the marketing plan for the site and come up with our strategy. This strategy is something which we meet on, plan out, and then execute as we do all other initiatives here at OMG. However, like you in your business, we are somewhat at the mercy of Google and its’ ever-changing puzzle called an algorithm. We read about it, study what others do, and just when we feel we are making progress for ourselves and for our clients.

dd5Google looks at hundreds of signals which determine where a particular site will appear in the ranks. Focusing on just 3 or 4 of these is no longer a sufficient blueprint for success. It takes a wellrounded approach to make the kind of progress you need to move ahead. Over the next few posts (weeks) we will focus on some of these “signals” and how to best employ them for maximum SEO value and net ranking effect.

To summarize, we have found that increasingly, Google is functioning like a human would in processing thought. Other agencies have also noted that the old fashioned tactics of link exchanges, keyword stuffing, etc. are no longer effective. The top placed sites under various keyword and phrase searches are those which you would look at and say “HEY! This site really is the very best option for this query!” I mean, you may say that, me, I would never use the word query, after all… despite what my kids think, I’m not a total nerd.

Stay tuned here for more on the “signals” you need to be aware of in marketing your site for optimum success. These trends have changed drastically over the last 12 months and looking ahead, we think we know where things are headed, we will document our forecast here on the OMG blog.

To Mutual Success,
Jesse Lubar, CEO
OMG National