Does Google Trust Your Business?

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2021 has brought the biggest change to Google’s search results in 20-years.
The change is in the way customers will see your business…as Trusted or UnTrusted.

This change is presented to consumers with the iconic Google Badge of Trust
This little green check packs a lot of power and answers a critical question for consumers, can I trust this company to do the job and do it well?

The Google Badge is changing the local advertising landscape, so the critical question you must ask yourself is, “Are you trusted or untrusted in Google’s universe”? 

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Getting the badge is a big win for a business, it demonstrates you are a trusted source and opens tremendous opportunities, such as the ability to run Google Local Service Ads. These ads appear at the very top of local search results –above paid ads, above directories and above major brands.

With the badge, your business will be positioned in the right place and most importantly, will be conveying trust and credibility to prospects online. This is the centerpiece of what OMG calls the “Trust Layer”. The badge means that the business has passed the approval process and is eligible to display their badge in several different ways to promote the business to prospective customers. OMG helps you understand, gets you through the process and leverages your good name to those searching for your type of business. The badge is powerful and available in many industries and markets. 

There are currently two programs that can earn eligible businesses a badge, Google Guaranteed and Google Screened. Google Guarantee covers most home service categories and Google Screened covers most professional service categories. 

So, is your business trusted or untrusted? Check your eligibility now:

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