What is Google Screened for Attorneys?

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Many attorneys are asking themselves “what is Google Screened for Attorneys and how do I become Screened?”. This is a hot topic that has changed the advertising landscape for lawyers and attorneys nationwide.  To put it simply, Google Screened for Attorneys is a program designed by Google to help firms build their trust and reputation … Read more

Learn How Moving Companies Are Getting to The Top of Google w/ Local Service Ads!

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One of Google’s latest programs, Google Guarantee, was designed specifically for home service providers and has changed the advertising landscape for moving companies nationwide! The Google Guarantee program strategically gets roofing companies new qualified leads by ensuring your business is appearing in the right place, the right time, and conveying the right message to prospects … Read more

Does Your HVAC Business Have The Google Badge of Trust?


HVAC companies nationwide who have earned their Google Badge of Trust are getting more QUALIFIED local leads through the Google Guarantee program – is your business trusted? This is a huge opportunity for HVAC service providers to grow their business and here’s how, qualified HVAC companies who pass Google’s vetting process, will receive a Google … Read more

What is Google Guarantee for Roofers?

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Google introduced their Guarantee program to help home service providers get new leads and grow their businesses – roofers are one of the eligible industries and it’s changing the advertising landscape for roofing companies nationwide!  Roofers who become Google Guaranteed will earn a Google Badge of Trust and be eligible to launch Google Local Services … Read more