Get More Patients Moving with Local Services Ads for Physical Therapists!

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Attention, Physical Therapists & Physiotherapists! Are you tired of stretching your marketing budget too thin and not getting results? Just like how physical therapy can expertly target specific areas of the body, there is a powerful new tool that can help attract patients seeking your valuable care: Local Services Ads (LSAs) by Google. LSAs are … Read more

Kickstart Your Podiatry Practice with Local Services Ads!

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Hey Podiatrists, have you heard about Local Services Ads (LSAs)? They’re a game-changer for getting your business noticed online, and they’ve just become available to your industry! LSAs are a form of online advertising that help connect local businesses with potential customers. And the best part? You only pay for the leads you receive. It’s … Read more

Allergy Relief Just a Call Away: How LSAs Can Boost Your Practice!

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As an Allergist / Immunologist, you’d be hard-pressed to find Marketing Professionals that are more fiercely passionate about relief for this complex and muti-faceted issue & those who help facilitate its treatment. Our very own Product Manager for the platform you’re about to learn about (& writer of this content-) is a life-long allergy sufferer! … Read more

Chiropractors: Find & Keep More Patients with Local Services Ads!

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As a Chiropractor, you intimately understand the power of your work. Chiropractic care provided by experienced professionals can restore proper alignment & improve the body’s overall function. This field of care can provide invaluable relief for headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and many other painful conditions.  More importantly, you deeply understand the magnitude of positive … Read more