Local Services Ads: Raise the Roof with Roofing Leads!

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As Local Services Ads continue to mature, Roofing companies across the country are realizing the unique value proposition that the LSA Platform offers to small businesses. LSAs allow consumers to quickly and easily connect with the most responsive & reputable companies in any given North American market.  It all starts with the green Badge of … Read more

How Do Veterinarians Become Google Screened?

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When a pet owner is looking for a vet, they’re likely turning to Google, is your office being found? Appearing at the top? Conveying trust and credibility to pet parents looking for services you offer?  To help professional service providers such as veterinarians, Google launched their Google Screened program which enables eligible businesses to be … Read more

What is Google Guarantee for Cleaning Businesses?

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Google’s Guaranteed program along with their Local Services Ads are changing the advertising landscape for the cleaning industry. Whether your cleaning business specializes in standard, deep, moving, office, or any other house cleaning services, to remain competitive you must begin conveying trust, credibility, and ensure you’re appearing at the top…. and that’s just what Google’s … Read more

What’s The Google Screened Badge and How Is It Affecting Funeral Homes?

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Only select business categories are eligible to become Google Screened, earn their badge of trust, and launch Google Local Services Ads. Google has recently expanded their list of eligible categories and Funeral Homes are now an eligible category!  You might be asking yourself, “What is Google Screened for Funeral Homes”? or “What are Google Local … Read more