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Xtreme Asphalt began their journey with OMG National in September of 2020. As an asphalt contractor working out of the highly competitive West Palm Beach, FL market, Xtreme Asphalt provides paving installation and driveway paving services.

Key Metrics (KPIs): The Key Performance Indicators for Google Business Pro have been carefully designated to create a score which realistically shows how a local business is performing organically on Google Search and Google Maps. Customer Activity (phone calls, website visits, direction requests), and the Average Total Rank Grid (ATRG) for each keyword (3 total) give us an accurate indication of how a GBP profile is performing.

The Problem

The business wasn’t ranking at all for the main keywords (asphalt paving, driveway paving, paving installers) on Google maps, and low monthly customer actions. The lack of an extended directory network was making it difficult not only for users to find the business, but also it makes it difficult to build local rank on Google. This is because the local ranking algorithm uses directory sites like Yelp, BBB, Mapquest, and others to cross-reference and confirm business information. This helps give Google the correct trust signals so that our clients can be considered as a result in their search engine results page (SERP).

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The Methodology

Our methodology revolves around Google’s own Local Ranking Factors (Relevance, Distance, Prominence). Ensuring that the information is accurate, filled out, and up-to-date is of utmost importance for the Relevance and Distance factors, since users benefit from correct information online which avoids wasting time, increases convenience, and improves on user experience.

Prominence is a factor that actually has three “sub-factors” which we can help influence. These are Directories, Reviews, and a Website’s position in search. When these three sub-factors are being managed and given the best practice approach, Google will take these data points as positive trust signals to justify showing our clients within Google Search and Google Maps.

The Results

In our case study for Xtreme Asphalt in West Palm Beach, the transformation has been nothing short of thrilling. Initially, our targeted keywords were virtually invisible, but now they reign supreme at the top. In the last quarter, customer actions surged by a robust 26%, generating 100 phone calls, 117 website visits, and 94 direction requests. Year-over-year, we witnessed an explosive 72% increase in customer actions, including 432 website visits, 318 phone inquiries, and 444 direction requests. Notably, achieving the top spot for "paving installers" took dedication, but our robust SEO strategies have propelled Xtreme Asphalt to new heights.

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