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35% of Consumers Who See a Facebook Ad Will Respond by Visiting the Store or Website

This is one of our oldest and most successful clients. They originally signed on for Facebook Leads back in April 2020 and have been model clients in many ways - they’ve allowed us to experiment and optimize so their ads perform, they are active in their Leads Center, and they follow up on leads quickly.

This client wanted to promote their business to tourists and anyone who might possibly be interested in helicopter sightseeing tours, as well as prospective students for their helicopter flight school. There are also seasonal aspects to their business (they are located in the Northeast, cold weather sometimes impacts tourism, holidays also a factor). Also, the client’s ad spend is small, at only $600/month.

The Methodology

Our goal was to simply get as many qualified leads as possible for the client so they could book as many helicopter tours and flight school students as possible. 

  • We experimented with audience types and promoting special events:
    • Direct targeted audiences (special events upcoming, newly engaged, newly married, visiting the area, etc.)
    • Retargeted audiences (website visitors)
    • Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, etc.
  • We tried a mix of media, both videos and photos, and a/b tested creatives heavily in the beginning.
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The Results

The results of this campaign speak for themselves, as clicks continue to steadily rise month over month and cost per result steadily declines, month over month. The client has been very pleased with the results and has managed to book many leads that come in.

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