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Established in 1993 with just one tow truck, Bill's Towing has proudly grown into a full-service towing and recovery operation, handling the on-road needs of light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles. This is a longtime client, they have been on the LME product since July 2020, their like campaign, social media campaigns, and boosts have always steadily performed, but over time, we saw a plateau in results.

The Problem

Plateaued results is a normal occurrence with any social media page, there comes a point where growth flatlines. There are two options here - to either increase the spend (boosts, like campaigns) or to make changes to these campaigns and create a new organic strategy.

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The Methodology

Earlier in 2022, Marc opted to make a series of edits to the like campaign to expand the audience and double the size. The Like Campaign garnered 39 likes throughout the month, with a CPR of $0.77 - after optimizing the campaign throughout early 2022 and making some small edits, the campaign was allowed to pass through the learning phase and perform unobstructed. During the following optimization, Marc noticed that these changes, over time, impacted performance positively.

Results increased by 28.57%, CPR was down 22.61% over the past year, and both impressions and reach were up, thanks to some subtle targeting changes.

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The Results

In the current month, July 2022, engagement and likes are already up slightly from June 2022, so these creative choices, as well as the work that both Marissa and Marc have put into perfecting boost and like campaign targeting, will no doubt continue to pay off for this client and get them recognition on social media - which translates into new customers!

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