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Brady Beyers has been with OMG for over 4 years, starting with Brady’s Towing and Recovery’s main location in Watford City, North Dakota. Currently, OMG handles marketing for three locations, along with a Google Ads advertising program and a WebWorx website management package.

In February ‘22, Brady’s Towing decided to expand into Montana and we decided to create an entirely new presence in that city using our Google Business Pro product.

The Problem

Expanding into a new territory is always a challenge. Not having an online presence at all in areas where other companies have been operating online for years is going to cause obstacles. Understanding these issues is key to developing a strategy and clear timelines and expectations, but once the local organic marketing kicks into high gear the phones start ringing off the hooks.

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The Methodology

Our full buildout across our entire OMG Listings Network of over 70 directory websites ensures that our clients are always visible across various platforms such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Apple Maps, BBB, and much more. This coupled with our ongoing optimization tasks makes it so that our clients can feel confident their business is visible online during their operating hours wherever potential customers may be looking. We also encourage our clients to share photos with their DMS so OMG National can publish them across all platforms. This helps build prominence in the eyes of Google, and builds brand recognition with potential clients.

Google Business Pro boasts ongoing publishing tasks to ensure we keep our clients top of mind with Googlebot. These tasks include weekly Google Business posts, Questions & Answers being applied to the GBP listing, adding Products, and publishing photos to the different galleries across the OMG Listings Network.

Additionally, GBP includes review management and solicitation services. We alert our clients to every review that comes in and reply to each review in a timely and professional manner. We also help our clients get more reviews with text message solicitation tools. We can send text messages to past customers asking to leave a review on Google, and include the direct link to Google reviews.

The Results

The results have been phenomenal. From May ‘22 through Aug ‘22, the client has grown by +353% in Total Searches (meaning the business is coming up more times when users search for keywords related to their business), +390% increase in Total Views (meaning the business is displaying more on Maps and Search when users look for related keywords, and a +1,533% increase in Total Customer Actions (meaning more website visits, direction requests, and phone calls) compared to the previous three months (Feb ‘22 - April ‘22). Brady’s Towing is also appearing among the top spots for all three keywords in Helena, MT, and everything indicates these trends will continue to move in a positive direction.

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