Harness The True Power Of Facebook With One Powerful Social Product

This is a newer product for a pre-existing client, the client has been a Facebook Ads client for a long time and decided to add on our organic product, Facebook Pro. The client is keenly aware of what is required to achieve success on social media. He has always been very involved and proactive as a Facebook Ads client, and we knew his company would be a great fit for Facebook Pro, as well.

The Problem

This client’s Facebook page was established, but not tended to or engaged with as frequently as he wanted. The Facebook page originally had 192 page likes, so while he occasionally posted on the page, there wasn’t much traction going on. We knew that the Facebook Pro product would incorporate more than just content, and that the like campaign and boosts would really help his page grow and develop over time.

Tow Truck Insurance 11

The Methodology

Luckily, we had a very good idea of what this client likes, based on his preferences and also our extensive understanding of the tow industry at OMG National, which this client caters to specifically. Our like campaign was designed utilizing some of the same graphics we’ve seen success with from the client’s own Facebook Ads, and we capitalized on our tried-and-true tow targeting methodology to target users who would like and engage with his Facebook page, as well as with his boosted posts.

The Results


In the 8 months since this client has been on our Facebook Pro product, their page likes/follows have increased by 249% (from 192 to 670), a trend that continued throughout the month of January. The client’s continued proactive social media presence has led to countless messenger conversations, phone calls, and link clicks to their website, thanks to the boosted posts. By working on both the organic social media presence and the paid social media presence of this client, we have created value and new opportunities that should continue for a long time to come.

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