Island Way Sorbet Fb Ads Case Study 01

35% of Consumers Who See a Facebook Ad Will Respond by Visiting the Store or Website

This is a great example of a good client who has been with OMG on Facebook Ads for several years, a solid vertical for social media, and a strong relationship between the client and our company. The client understands that assets are key and is proactive when it comes to sending us videos, viral content, and photos of their products that work well in the creatives we produce.

The Methodology

Due to creative fatigue, extensive edits were made throughout the summer, the last occurring on July 26. He also a/b tested different seasonal versions of the copy. Marc then allowed the optimized ads to deliver uninterrupted throughout the month of August. Once the Learning Phase was finished, the engagement, results (traffic), and reach continued to grow over the course of the month - and the cost per result decreased.

The first optimization, on Aug. 10, yielded good results - clicks were up by 39.62% from the previous 2 weeks, cost per result was down by 25.51%. With such strong numbers, Marc smartly opted not to make further changes.

Island Way Sorbet Fb Ads Case Study 03

The Results

The first optimization of September showed the best results yet - in years of Facebook Ads for this client! There are no signs of stopping anytime soon. We predict these ads will continue to yield positive results and increased brand awareness and business for the client for a long time to come.

Island Way Sorbet Fb Ads Case Study 02

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