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Legal Services (Traffic Law)

Key Metrics (KPIs):
Key Performance Indicators for Google Business Profile (GBP) are designed to track a business's organic performance on Google Search and Google Maps. By measuring customer activities like phone calls, website visits, and direction requests, along with the Average Total Rank Grid (ATRG) for critical keywords, we can gauge how a GBP profile is performing.

  • Customer Activity: Steady growth in phone calls, website visits, and direction requests.
  • Keyword Rankings: Consistent high rankings for traffic ticket-related keywords, reflecting the firm's strong reputation in the digital space.
  • Reputation: A robust 4.9-star rating with 449 combined Google & Facebook reviews, demonstrating the firm's commitment to client satisfaction.

Somera & Associates, a law firm specializing in traffic law, has become a go-to choice for clients facing traffic violations, speeding tickets, and driver license suspensions in Florida. Starting in September 2022, the firm partnered with OMG National to boost its digital footprint and enhance customer engagement.

The Problem

Despite its solid reputation, Somera & Associates faced hurdles in reaching potential clients in South Broward and Palm Beach. The firm also struggled with keeping its online content fresh and engaging, crucial for maintaining a strong digital presence.

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The Methodology

OMG National's strategy revolves around Google's Local Ranking Factors: Relevance, Distance, and Prominence. We ensure all business information is accurate and up-to-date, focusing on providing a seamless user experience. Our goal is to optimize visibility by boosting directories, reviews, and the website's position in search.

  • Relevance: Updating and validating key information on the GBP to ensure customers find what they need quickly and reliably.
  • Distance: Maintaining precise location information to improve search results within specific geographical areas.
  • Prominence: Managing reviews, enhancing directory listings, and optimizing the website to increase visibility in Google Search and Google Maps.

Facebook Engagement:

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The firm's Facebook page is an integral part of their marketing strategy. Regular posts, which include legal advice, community news, and client testimonials, foster strong engagement. A targeted like campaign effectively grew their follower count from 426 to 543 in just one month, enhancing their social media presence and reach. Positive reviews and interactive content on Facebook reflect the high client satisfaction seen across other platforms.

Visual and Interactive Content:
The page features informative videos, infographics, and live Q&A sessions with attorneys, making legal advice accessible and engaging the community effectively.

Promotions and Updates:
Updates about the firm’s services, promotions, and community events are also regularly shared, keeping the audience informed and involved.

The Results

OMG National’s approach has delivered remarkable results for Somera & Associates:

  • Increased Customer Activity: From a modest starting point, the firm has seen a notable rise in phone calls, website visits, and direction requests, indicating a stronger connection with potential clients.
  • Enhanced Reputation: The firm has solidified its position with a stellar 4.9-star rating, backed by ove 400 positive reviews. Regularly responding to reviews and encouraging client feedback played a significant role in this achievement.
  • Keyword Dominance: Somera & Associates has maintained top rankings for traffic law-related keywords, showcasing its authority and expertise in the niche.
  • Path to Growth: OMG National recommended strategies to increase calls from South Broward and Palm Beach through Local Services Ads. This approach, coupled with the consistent addition of fresh content and dynamic Facebook engagement, has positioned the firm for continued success.
Somera Key Metrics

The partnership between Somera & Associates and OMG National has transformed the firm's digital presence, leading to significant growth from where they started. Their commitment to engaging content, responsiveness, and proactive marketing has set the stage for a vibrant future.

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