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Looking good and feeling great has never been easier, thanks to Renaissance Salon & Spa, a premier beauty salon and spa in Tinton Falls, NJ. This one-stop-shop for all things beauty has been transforming lives with its full range of hair salon and spa services. But how did Renaissance Salon & Spa become the go-to destination for beauty aficionados in the area? It all started with a strategic partnership with OMG National, a leading online marketing company specializing in Google Business Pro products, including Local Directory Management and Review Management. 

The Problem

Before partnering with OMG National, Renaissance Salon & Spa was struggling to establish a strong online presence. The business had just canceled its contract with another marketing company and needed to regain control of its online directories. Additionally, the salon's rankings for crucial keywords like "beauty salon," "hair salon," and "spa" were stuck at an average rank of 21. To attract more clients and grow their business, Renaissance Salon & Spa needed to make some serious changes to their online marketing strategy.


The Methodology

OMG National stepped in and took over the management of Renaissance Salon & Spa's online directories. By applying their best practices methodology, OMG National focused on optimizing the salon's Google Business Profile, ensuring accurate and consistent information across all directories. This helped potential clients find the salon more easily and trust the information they encountered.

To boost Renaissance Salon & Spa's visibility on search engines, OMG National worked tirelessly to improve the salon's rankings for its target keywords. Their efforts paid off, as the average ranks for "beauty salon," "hair salon," and "spa" skyrocketed from 21 to an impressive 2 in a short period.


The Results

Thanks to OMG National's expertise and commitment, Renaissance Salon & Spa now boasts a robust online presence that attracts more clients than ever before. Their improved search engine rankings have led to increased visibility, making them the top choice for beauty salon and spa services in Tinton Falls, NJ.

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