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Over 95% of consumers go online to find local services and paid search ads occupy 100% of mobile search screens

Dakoma Roofing is a roofing company in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The business was started in January of 1997. The client sought our expertise in the Digital Marketing Space, partnering with us in June of 2020. They specialize in roof repair work, especially in the context of storm damage.

The Problem

Those familiar with the location will recognize South Florida’s incredibly competitive roofing market. Dakoma Roofing was primarily concerned with navigating the competitive landscape to drive qualified leads. We always put our best foot forward for our clients, combining our world-class service layer and strong product methodologies & maintenance layers; this type of comprehensive approach to marketing strategy becomes even more critical in competitive markets. Dakoma Roofing was already utilizing Local Services Ads prior to signing up with us, however, they realized that they were not meeting their client acquisition goals from the platform. This is because their ad was not serving for several months due to routine issues which our maintenance layer proactively catches and fixes. Billing, Suspension, Budget, & documentation issues are just some examples of why an LSA ad may not serve.

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The Methodology

Our Google Calls Advisor (GCA) Product combines the organic pertinence of Google My Business for a long-term strategy while using Local Services Ads (LSA) as the ancillary paid layer to assist in satisfying the customer acquisition goal of qualified leads. We placed the client on GCA, which allows us to systematically improve the client’s organic ranking, generating more free transactions over time, using LSA to build momentum in the paid layer as well. Used in lockstep, this is our most powerful strategy for roofing clients for paid customer acquisition through Google. The plan was to drive their LSA towards the top of the market while controlling spend via the bid & also working over time to bring their GMB to the top 3 of maps section, giving them multiple opportunities to show on the first page of Google. On the LSA side, we proactively catch & identify billing and other issues which cause the LSA ad to not serve and work in tandem with our clients to ensure they are promptly fixed in order to maximize the ad’s exposure & visibility while also carefully balancing the bid against ad quality.

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We gained access to the client’s LSA, which they had run on their own for a few months with little success. We restructured service areas (target locations) in accordance with our best practices, heavily modified their bid and budget to ensure we were both cost effective in acquiring the leads but also aggressive enough to compete while balancing the inherent LSA ad quality (responsiveness & reputation). We also educated them on the importance of reviews, how much of a role they play, and offered multiple ways for them to solicit said reviews.We encountered several roadblocks during this time, which we were able to proactively resolve for them time and time again, saving them precious time that they would have otherwise spent on their end fixing these issues. Their GMB page and other listings were locked down by a former company that managed their marketing. Our Onboarding Team was able to reach out directly to Yext, leveraging our knowledge of asset-transfer protocols to facilitate the former company’s release of the listings. Dakoma also experienced an issue with spoof calls on the Local Service Ads. Our GCA Product Team applied their experience in troubleshooting this, promptly raised this issue using our Agency Support channel, and resolving it quickly.

The Results

Our client has seen incredible results with GCA. Their LSA has shown a profound increase in lead volume since signing up with us. Since starting LSA with us, we’ve facilitated a yield of 2,200+ leads in total with nearly 1,000 of those being charged leads. We used our bid methodology, which balances the client’s inherent ad quality against the dynamic nature of their market, to set them up with a bid that is neither too high to be wasteful nor too low to be inappropriate, being mindful of their Cost-per-lead (CPL). In the background, our meticulous management of our client’s documentation & billing components of LSA also enabled maximum run-time of the ad, with zero gaps in call volume during the time our client has been with us.

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