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Wildhorse Cafe, a local favorite in California known for having the best fried steaks on all of Hwy 101, joined OMG National in 2013. Katie Dodson, runs and owns Wildhorse Cafe offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day. The restaurant keeps customers coming back for their great home-cooked meals and friendly service however, their digital footprint and social media presence were just about nonexistent prior to signing up with OMG, this made finding the restaurant online nearly impossible for new customers.

The Problem

Wildhorse Cafe’s social media presence was weak and their overall digital footprint was light as well - their online directories were not being managed and many were not even claimed, this made finding the restaurant nearly impossible through online searches. The restaurant’s GMB (Google My Business) was not claimed or built out and they were not ranking organically at all for local searches, this likely caused many missed opportunities for the restaurant to earn new customers traveling along Hwy 101. Katie Dodson, owner, prides the restaurant on their delicious home-cooked meals however, with their deficient social media presence, sharing the photos, specials, and reward opportunities, only reached very few across the different platforms. Dodson recognized the need to enhance their online presence and was open to exploring digital marketing for her restaurant.

The Solution

When connecting with Wildhorse Cafe back in 2013, OMG immediately recognized the need to establish a foundation for the cafe’s online presence - our team started Wildhorse Cafe on our Local Marketing Essentials program which contains the building blocks of local search including the optimization of online business listings, generating and managing reviews, and social media marketing.

The Methodology

One of the first steps our team took back in 2013 was getting Wildhorse Cafe on the map; we immediately began optimizing the cafe’s listings online on over 400 different search sites including directories, voice assistants, navigation systems, review sites, data providers, and social networks. We claimed and optimized Wildhorse Cafe’s Google My Business profile while soliciting, leveraging, and managing reviews on the cafe’s behalf. While building and growing the cafe’s online presence we began creating personalized compelling social media posts to build and engage the cafe’s social media followers; our strategic efforts were designed to create and maintain a solid foundation for Wildhorse Cafe’s online presence.

The Results

Wildhorse Cafe’s online real estate, directories and listings, are all claimed, maintained, and monitored; their leads coming from online are increasing regularly, the cafe’s online leads have increased by 980 so far just for this past year - Wildhorse Cafe is able to be found online when customers or prospects are searching for a restaurant nearby. The cafe went from getting under a dozen impressions online to over 500,000 just this past year, their social media presence and engagement have both improved tremendously.


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